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Spiritual Warfare Against Man

In today’s video I discuss the ongoing Spiritual Warfare Against Man.

Spiritual Warfare Against Man

Every day it seems I read a new headline about a killing, murder, or some type of torture done by one human to another.

There seems to be a huge market for exorcisms by priests who seek to expel demons from possessing your spirit.

Demon Possession is Spiritual Warfare

These days a lot of people are under a spiritual attack from non-human entities.

They don’t realize WHY they do the things they do or are addicted to the vices they have, they just see it as a release from a “crazy” world.

The Clown World

In fact the reason we live in a crazy world, what I call a Clown World, is because there is a spiritual dimension that we cannot see, taste, touch, or smell, but it surrounds us always.

Welcome To The Clown World

This spiritual realm has been in existence since the dawn of mankind.

We hear epic tales of good vs. evil in the bible and other historic works.

Is is possible that humans were under this spiritual warfare going back thousands if not millions of years?