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Tao Te Ching For Men

Tao Te Ching For Men

The Tao (or The Way) is a classic Chinese text of around 5,000 characters in 81 brief chapters that dates back up to 4 thousand years ago.

It is a fundamental text for both philosophical and religious Taoism.

It has heavily influenced other schools of philosophy including Legalism, Confucianism, and Buddhism.

Over time many artists, poets, painters, calligraphers and others have used it as a source of inspiration in their works.

In today's article I will take 10 pillars of the Tao Te Ching and discuss how they apply to modern Men and Masculinity.

What Is The Tao Te Ching?

1. Tao

The Tao is the infinite source of the universe.

It is present within you with no beginning or end.

It is the essence of wisdom.

I often call it the infinite universe or spirit.

While the physical world demands you only focus on the mind and body, it is the 3rd source called the “Spirit”.

If a Man can connect to this universal store of knowledge he can connect with God.

This is important for every Man because once this relationship is established, you can “download” an unlimited amount of knowledge and ideas.

When I'm able to connect with this source I have found my biggest inspiration and connections.

This is not only great for starting a business but to also make sense of the Clown World we currently live in.

By connecting to this source you understand that no other man or government has agency over you.

2. Centeredness

This is creating balance of your life. 

I've spoken on Nikola Tesla's Secrets of the Universe which is explained by  frequency, vibration, and energy.

The Tao Te Ching describes this balance as having peace in your heart, natural rhythms, and universal harmony.

The Sacred Trinity has been described in various words through the course of human history but the underlying themes for Men remain the same – live in balance within yourself and within the world.

3. No Self

Developing self-actualization is a common theme in the manosphere and self-improvement.

While the push for developing your knowledge should be lifelong, every Man must realize that there is no “self”.

There is only the universal spirit and your life purpose is to connect with it.

Everything in this world is meant to take you away from this connection.

The addiction to Black Magic Mirrors has most people firmly embedded into a "reality" that is not real.

Those that rule the world are distinctly aware of this universal connection as they use it themselves to gain more wealth and control over us.

As a Man you should look to this “no self” philosophy and be perfectly fulfilled with nothing left to fear, not even death.

4. Look Inside

When you embrace solitude you begin to develop your own inner vision to see your oneness with the infinite universe.

Certain aspects of MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way lead to this “looking inside” as you begin to withdraw from the manipulated world and get closer to the Tao (or taking the God Pill).

My time during the Home Free Lifestyle was my time to develop my relationship with the Tao and my inner vision became clearer.

6. Desire Non-Desire

Everything in the universe is made up of dualities.

Yin vs. Yang

Men vs. Women

Good vs. Evil

Heaven vs. Hell

Up vs. Down

The Freemasons talk about “as above to below” which is the natural law of the world.

When you remove all expectations and simply “be” you begin to see the duality that the universe presents.

There would be no “good” if it wasn't for evil.

In my belief, God created Satan so that the universe could survive in this duality.

We need duality.

We need evil in the world for there to be balance.

As a Man in this consumerist modern world you should strive to have no desire.

Not for material possessions, not for a woman, not for money.

If you can develop this way of just “being” you will have a clear mind and be given the keys to your own personal freedom.

By living in this way you connect with the Tao or infinite universe.

Tao Te Ching for Men

6. Not-Knowing Mind

Simply put, know that you do not know.

This is the mark of true knowledge and wisdom.

As young bucks full of testosterone we like to think we “know it all”.

We tend not to listen to our elders who have been there and are only looking out for us.

When you put your mind into a “not knowing” state you open yourself up to the infinite universe.

The problem with having an “open mind” is that there are so many dark forces that seek to instill THEIR dogma into your mind.

Most modern dogma's are satanic and take you away from God.

Most modern ways of thinking are blasphemy to God and the Tao.

So beware of having this open mind and carefully filter the information you consume.

But you should always keep “the mind of a child” because as children we are open to curiosity and learning.

Learning should be a life-long endeavor.

There is a saying “the more you learn the more you realize you don't know anything”.

Keep this curiosity as it will only benefit you to develop your mind, body, and spirit.

7. Non-Action Action

This is another aspect that has some congruence with MGTOW in that you are choosing to disassociate with the modern Clown World.

You collectively “go your own way” and practice a form of “non-action” action.

Many of these aspects are seemingly incongruent but upon closer inspection the non-action, non-conforming of the current system frees you from it's indoctrination into modern satanism.

By practicing non-action we allow the Tao or universal spiritual energy to guide us.

I personally have practiced this non-action and can see how it gives you more time to grow spiritually.

Tao Te Ching Kris Cantu

8. Non-resistance and Non-attachment

This is one that is harder to practice than all others.

Many aspects of the Black Magic Mirror fake world tend to push us into being judgmental and we tend to side with our closest communities based on gender, religion, race, or nationality.

These physical constructs that have no meaning to the universal spirit.

As I write this today I had to remind myself to practice non-attachment.

This doesn't give you wholesale permission to IDGAF (I Don't Give A Fuck) about anything at all.

Some commonly refer to this attitude as The Black Pill.

It is merely a balancing mechanism to not be outcome dependent on forces that you have no control over.

The bible says “Judge not, that you be not judged”.

Basically you shouldn't judge others lest you be judged yourself.

In this world every Modern Man needs to develop I high-functioning filtering mechanism.

You should be judgmental of people and who you allow into your lives.

Even those that you watch and listen to should be judged.

It is okay to go through various stages of awakening and it is okay to change your mind when you realize that one train of thought is not beneficial you you.

Take what you want and leave the rest”.  -Kris Cantu, Tao Te Ching For Men

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As you develop your connection to the Tao you will change your mind and see where past ways of thinking were wrong.

And that is okay.

Being consistently non-attached to outcomes allows you to go through these “levels” without fear.

Tao or The Way by Kris Cantu

9. Contentment and Simplicity

It is much harder to have a simple life than it is to have a complicated life.

Many of us suffer from over-complicating our lives with all of the modern conveniences.

When you realize you already have enough, you are rich.

If you think you NEED something (a woman, a job, a new gadget), you are poor.

Listen up Brother, you already have everything you need in this world. 

If you are alive, you have everything and the whole world belongs to you.

By practicing minimalism instead of consumerism you see that almost everything you lusted for in the past was unnecessary.

Steve Jobs once said “Simple can be harder than complex”.

As a modern Man you should strive for simplicity and minimalism in everything you do.

This gets you closer to the Tao and the universal spirit.

Simplicity returns you to the source.

10. Paradoxes

The paradox is the way. When the Tao or Infinite Universe is forgotten, humanity veers off course. That is why we see the world in the poor shape it is today.

Our connection with the Tao has been inverted and anything that looks up to an infinite power (God) is damned in the modern world.

When you as a Man get back to the paradox of the Tao you begin to heal the world, starting with yourself.

This world is sacred as-is, with no need for external man-made constructs.

Getting back to nature gets you closer to this paradox.

We only need to trust in the Tao or Infinite spirit.

Tao Te Ching for Men


These points are very esoteric.

It is up to you to interpret them and implement them into your life.

Don't live life, let life live you.

Enjoy the beautiful opportunity you have to be one with the Tao or The Way.

You can use these 10 philosophies to be a free Man in this world.