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Instagods by Sonny Arvado Review

Instagods Review with Sonny Arvado and Kris Cantu

There is a new world that is secretly taking over real life’s monopoly on human consciousness. 

It is a world that has no limits.

It never sleeps. And it does not discriminate.

It does not matter how “big” or how “small” you are.

LeBron James.

Conor McGregor.

Even the President of the United States.

All are bound by the laws of this world.

It is as complex and diverse as the billions of people who flock to it every day and night.

By the time you die, you will have spent a total of 5 years of your life in it.

Of course, we are talking about the wide world of...

Social Media

Up until now, no one has ever put together a complete work on this topic.

What is social media exactly?

How is it changing us?

And just how much power does it have over humanity?

You will find the answers to these questions and MUCH MORE within the pages of this revolutionary work.

Social media has changed civilization forever. For better or worse, it is here and it is here to stay.

This work decodes every aspect of the matrix and makes sense of humanity’s current state of chaotic programming.

It is the most important resource ever put together.

Welcome to Instagods.

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