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The Wall MGTOW

Understanding The Wall and MGTOW is very important in today’s gynocentric and feminist society. In today’s video I discuss the various “walls” that women go through during their lifetime while observing in front of a Whole Foods in Austin, TX. First wall occurs around 25-30 yrs. old, the 2nd around 40 yrs. old and the […]


Plastic Bitch Apocalypse

In today’s video I discuss the root cause of the Plastic Bitch Apocalypse and the smartphone zombie addiction. Everywhere I go in Austin I see bitches glued to their smartphones. No eye contact. No personality. Nothing to offer. Even driving on the highway at 70 mph they are staring at their smartphones and damn near […]


Social Currency MGTOW

In today’s video I discuss “Social Currency” and how it plays a role in a woman’s attraction to a Man Going His Own Way or MGTOW. We as MGTOW’s are often in isolation working on our crafts and building our empires and are often a miss at the last Super Bowl part or BBQ. The […]

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