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What Is The God Pill?


The God Pill is Mankind’s path to enlightenment and salvation.

You are seeing and feeling the evil in the world.

It is commonly referred to as The Clown World.

The level of clown is increasing. The lust. The hedonism. The pure evil.

It all leads to misery, suffering, and a feeling of emptiness in your existence.

My personal climatic realization was this:

There is a God.

We are being watched by this God.


The God Pill

The God Pill Reality Show

Call it a computer simulation if you want.

You are being watched by God every moment of every day of your life.

He’s making his list and checking it twice.

Our purpose here is to abide by God’s will and submit to his will.

But we all fall short from the very beginning.

We could never live up to God’s grace.

So our only path to salvation is to repent.

REPENT My Brothers and Sister!

Repentance for your worldly transgressions.

All the sex.

All the lust.

All the materialism.

All the marketing that worked on us.

This is the path to The God Pill.

But before we can ascend we must endure the long journey to The God Pill begins as a mindless blue piller.

The Clown World

The Blue Pill

Totally unaware to the greater esoteric meaning of life.

You deny nature in lieu of the modern day marketing that you have been born into.

The average person sees or hears up to 4,000 advertisements per day.

This is “The Matrix” that is spoken of in the blue pill / red pill dichotomy.

Our connection to nature is destroyed and replaced with cheap plastic electronics made from slave labor in China.

Who is more enslaved – the lowly 3rd world FoxCon worker or the screen-addicted 1st world blue piller?

In the modern world most Men are subjected to another form of blue pill mind terrorism – it’s called digital pornography.

It has been known throughout history that if you want to weaken a population you feed it sex and hedonism.

You popularize Sodom and Gomorrah.

You put the golden calf on American Idol and rapid fire celebrity gossip on every television and iPhone screen.

All of these things are intertwined.

If we are thinking about our dicks all day how could we ever fight the Clown World or get closer to God?

You can’t jack off and pray at the same time.

This sexual freedom all began with our parents and great grandparents shortly after World War II.

History is rewritten by the victors.

The nazi hunters become the nazis.

Words like “hate speech” and “antisemitism” are invented to cast out anyone calling out and dismantling the Clown World agenda.

Some of us find a rare “Digital Morpheus” to wake us from our slumber and supply the much needed reality of our existence.


The Red Pill

The realization that there is another level of awakening and that some people have it and the vast majority do not.

Get more money. More muscles. More women, or not.

Build build build yourself up to the sky like the Tower of Babel.

So you take actions to elevate your status and standing in life. Or choose to walk off of the playing field altogether.

I used the Red Pill to my advantage.

I used the Red Pill to get more money, more women, and more freedom.

I used my newfound knowledge to escape the plantation and get away from the corporate drone lifestyle.

It gave me more time to think. To put everything into context.

I’ve always been on a quest to figure out what my purpose on this plane of existence is.

Furthermore, I’ve always gravitated towards a greater understanding of this realm of existence.

This freedom of time allowed me to realize that there are bigger lies being told on a daily, hourly, and second-by-second basis.

I will explore these truths in greater detail soon.

But before I reveal the Big Picture, I have to admit I did go through a dark depression upon the revelation of the madness I was born into.


The Black Pill

Once you start to accept that you are powerless to God’s will, you will feel a great sorrow.

Suddenly you start to withdraw from the material world.

You start searching for more meaning over physical things.

This came in the form of MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way for me.

Finally I was free to go MY Own way.

To think the way I wanted to think.

To live the way I wanted to live.

Given this newfound freedom, I started to realize a few things.

You start to get back to nature.

You realize that reproduction is the only barometer of success in this world.

If the Blue, Red, and Black Pill’s are the physical world, the God Pill represents the spiritual world.

Building a family and submission to God’s will are the only things that will save us.

Sadly most Men will stay stuck in the Black Pill without realizing their greater purpose.

Many will fall back into their hedonistic impulses promised to them by the Blue Pill world.

Spending endless nights in dark rooms watching pornography and bleeding their bodies of testosterone.

Some will cuddle up with plastic facsimiles of women called sex dolls.

Others will simply tap-out and die out spiritually and genetically.


The God Pill

Repentance. Doing God’s will. Having a family so that you can begin to wage spiritual war on a multi-generational front.

Being on the front lines of the spiritual war by doing nothing more than your God-given talents – whatever they are.

Writing, speaking, drawing, singing, 3D Virtual Reality, whatever expresses your artistic brain.

Our God has given us these talents outside of our basic survival needs so that we can express our relationship to the world he has given us.

Our artistic pursuits are how we actually live.

It’s the representation of our unique DNA manifested into the physical world.

They are what separates us from the animal species on this Earth.

Instead of trying to change the world, you must carve out your special existence in yourself through self discovery and expression.

This is not to say throw yourself into this self expression with no goal in mind.

Our purpose is to manifest the spiritual nature of the world.

Whether that is expressing your individual struggle or portraying the greatness of God’s creations here on Earth.

Using your Godly talents gets you closer to God.

Connecting to the infinite universe by creating gets you closer to God.

Fighting against the demonic Clown World gets you closer to God.

Helping your fellow Man deal with and thrive in this world gets you closer to God.

Raising the next generation of God Pillers gets you closer to God.

This is where I and many others get the MGTOW philosophy wrong.

MGTOW preaches to “go your own way” and don’t commit to one woman and don’t have children.

This is part of the Clown World depopulation agenda.

I fell for this line of thinking, so I can admit that I was wrong.

We didn’t descend into Clown World inversion in one generation, so things won’t change in one generation.

Further examination of the God Pill makes you realize that everything in the Clown World is meant to take you away from God.

The Clown World hypnotizes you into thinking you are your OWN God.

“Do As Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law” says one founding father of the Clown World – Alistair Crowley.


This is a multi-generational agenda that started well before we were born.

So we must prepare the next generation of spiritual warriors, good God-fearing Men and women.

This is our destiny.

This is our only hope for survival in the natural world…

As Men, and as Mankind.