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The New Man – Disconnect From The Matrix

the new man

The New Man

The most recently developed part of the brain is called the “neo-cortex“.

In the movie The Matrix the main character was called “Neo“.

He would eventually become “The One”.

In this Brave New World that we are living in we must all become “New Men“.

We must re-invent ourselves to become our own personal saviors.

3 Ways To Become A New Man

These are the 3 ways in which you build yourself up into a “New Man”:


Everything starts in the mind.

We develop our “Mindset” to think ourselves into New Men.

Thoughtloops, gratitude, meditation.

You are what you THINK.


You are a Builder.

You must lift heavy weight to build muscle and to offset the forces of gravity that weigh heavily upon us.

We must also carefully watch what we eat.

Garbage in, garbage out.

Whole foods like eggs, red meat, vegetables.

Anything that has a limited shelf life should be consumed daily.

This is a life-long process of staying in optimal shape.

As Men we have the advantage of growing old like wine, whereas women grow old like milk.


This is collectively our weakest area.

We are in a Spiritual War.

Good vs. Evil.

Right vs. Wrong.

The eternal battle for your soul is as old as the oldest esoteric religious texts.

On your deathbed, as you draw your last breath, what will you be remembered for?

Will you leave your mark on the world or will you perish away as dust and dirt?

Disconnect From The Matrix

In today’s video I speak on becoming a “New Man” and in future videos I will show you actionable ways to grow stronger in the Sacred Trinity = Mind, Body, and Spirit.

What are your thoughts on “The New Man” and how can I help you on your journey?

Comfort Zone Destroyer


Comfort Zone Destroyer

In today’s video I discuss a concept I call “Comfort Zone Destroyer”.

In simple terms, getting out of your comfort zone.

The first step in destroying your comfort zone is realizing you HAVE a comfort zone, and usually, multiple comfort zones.

While I was living the Home Free Lifestyle I was out of my “comfort zone” more than ever and it helped me grow the most.

I began building my “brand” with daily videos, I learned new survival skills, and I had the satisfaction of sacrificing comfort for success.

Showering at the gym, cooking hot food on a propane burner in an abandoned parking lot, and eating a shit ton of sardines were all ways I became a Comfort Zone Destroyer.

Give All To Get All

Since moving to Thailand and living a more comfortable life, I’m constantly looking for more ways to destroy my comfort zone with my diet, exercise, and my workouts.

These are the easiest ways to begin destroying your comfort zone.

Once you master these you can move on to your sleeping patterns, cutting toxic people from your life, and building an online business.

3 Ways To Destroy Your Comfort Zone

The 3 ways I recommend being a Comfort Zone Destroyer are:

1. Eating a fixed diet

Limiting your food choices, specifically to eggs, red meat, rice, and vegatables.

Try cutting out sugar and salt/sodium.

Food is fuel, not a reward system. This is the biggest lesson I’ve learned regarding my dietary habits.

2. Intermittent Fasting

My 2 favorite ways to do IF are a.) fasting 1 day per week and b.) morning fasting until 2-3pm

There are many ways to integrate IF into your life.

The most important aspect is training your mind and stomach to not need food and take back control from your “hunger.”

3. Lifting those often missed muscles

Muscles like upper forearms, lower back, hamstrings, and neck.

For me, working abs is one area that I’ve always avoided.

Push forward out of your normal workout routine and you will “destroy” that safe space!

A great program I follow is available here.

What are some other ways you can destroy your comfort zone and how can I help you on your journey?