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The Power Of Focus

In today’s video I discuss the Power of Focus, which is important for Men Going Their Own Way to accomplish their mission.

We live in a distraction society. Everything is driven by entertainment and fake news.

The latest headline that grabs your attention.

Straight-Line Men are able to have tunnel vision, to block out these dopamine drug dealers, and take action with reckless abandon.

The power to focus will become more rare, as recent studies show the average human has less attention span than a goldfish.

MGTOW can and should take advantage of this while the sleeping zombies slumber.

The 2 tips I share are 1. Using airplane mode on your phone 6-8 hrs per day and 2. Modafinil https://KrisCantu.com/Modafinil

What are your thoughts on the Power of Focus and what are other ways you have found to focus?

Buying Modafinil Online With Discount





In today’s video I review Modafinil (or ModAlert) as a “Smart Drug” and productivity tool from personal experience.

Modafinil is great for creating tremendous focus during your day. I recommend taking a 200 MG dose between 6-8AM in the morning to get a full day’s worth of focus.

Sometimes compared to NTZ-48 in the fictional film “Limitless”, a dose of Modafinil gives you tunnel vision to accomplish the tasks at hand.

I’ve also used Modafinil to lift weights and play basketball. The latter produces very aggressive play and I ended up driving to the basket and looking for contact more than I was settling for the outside shot.

The best way to buy Modafinil online is from a trusted source like https://KrisCantu.com/Modafinil and paying with Bitcoin.

A lot of United States banks block purchases from International online pharmacies so in order to get your Modafinil (or ModAlert) order processed in the shortest amount of time, I highly recommend paying with BTC.

An added bonus at https://KrisCantu.com/Modafinil is that you get an additional 25% off when you pay with BTC.

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What are your thoughts on Modafinil and how has it helped your Straight-Line MGTOW journey?

Thanks for taking time to learn more about Buying Modafinil Online with Discount.



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