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Women Shit On Men

In today’s video I discuss what I see in the world as the main “system of control” – Men giving up their freedom to provide for women’s “security” or in other words, Women Shit On Men. All around me I see the state of women as their rampant agency allows them to “shit” on good […]


Slut Shaming MGTOW

In today’s video I discuss an important topic for MGTOW and that is Slut Shaming and how MGTOW Men need to bring it back into the mainstream. We’ve covered Male shaming, Fat shaming, and now Slut shaming. This was the traditional way society kept these hoes in check lest they walk around with the Scarlett […]


The Female Mind

Today’s video is a reply to one of my subscribers questions about “The Female Mind” and how it relates to MGTOW. Today’s video was inspired by a comment left by @Curtis Richards where he says: I agreed and thought this was an important topic to discuss. I break down the Female Mind into 2 categories: […]