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What Is Spiritual Warfare?

What Is Spiritual Warfare?

We are no longer at a point where it's left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative, feminism vs. masculinity, or democrat vs. republican.

These are all false battles that keep you occupied.

The real battle was Good vs. Evil.

It always has been and always will be.

The political spectrum is just a Bread and Circus distraction for the masses.

It is a way to divide and conquer us so those at the top with generational wealth going back centuries can remain in control.

How do you arm yourself in the real battle which is Spiritual Warfare instead of the fake battle?

You get close to God. Take the God Pill.

But you must recognize the landscape before going to battle.

This isn't about going to some commercial church to be lectured by a million-dollar preacher.

This is about your own spiritual connection to the creator.

This is accomplished with prayer and meditation to connect you to the universal spirit.

It's time we all collectively realize that we are in a Spiritual War and the bounty is our souls.

Priests and Witches

Our world is run by priests and witches.

What Is Spiritual Warfare?

From the Freemasons, Jesuits, and the World governments that they inhabit, we are divided by religion, race, color, and just about every other significant marker of human nature.

These groups push our differences so we never collaborate together to defeat them.

Here is an excellent breakdown of the Secret Societies that run Hollywood, Finance, and Governments of the world from Victor Pride at BoldandDetermined.com

Spiritual Warfare is about conquering your demons.

We have to fight these demons  in order to save our souls.

There is one aspect of spiritual warfare that may surprise you.

God controls these demons, not us.

What Is Spiritual Warfare by Kris Cantu

God gives these demons marching orders and tells them when to possess you and when they will leave.

Again our God is all knowing.

God gives us life on this Earth as a test.

Whether we pass or fail is completely dependent on our ability to stave off our carnal desires and temptations.

We are judged by our ability to not act on our wicked thoughts.

You can try to blame the power structures of the world, but the reality is every human being on this Earth has free will.

That is why the Spiritual War has gotten so bad.

People have traded their free will for material possessions and status.

It is seen as “uncool” to actually stand up for morals.

Equality and Diversity are buzzwords that really mean “there is no right and wrong” and YOU (not God) get to decide for yourself.

Satanic vs. Luciferian

Satanic means that you worship Satan.

Luciferian means you become your own God.

How many rappers like the Wu-tang clan, Nas, or Jay-Z would call themselves “God's”?

Most people trade their spirituality for their acceptance into the demonic hive mind.

The 10 Commandments lay out perfectly how to live in this world.

Everyone falls short, but most don't even try.

spiritual warfare by Kris Cantu

If you hear the words "Jesus" or "Christianity" and it burns your ears - congratulations - you ARE POSSESSED.

Like a vampire running from sunlight and garlic, you have been so conditioned by the dark force living in this world.

Top 5 Demons Other Than Satan

The 5 Generals that work hierarchically under Satan.

They execute his plans.  Some call it “The Table”.

  1. Baal – demon on impurity. Get cultures to succumb to impurity primarily through fornication. Once fornication sets in, we are told that sex should be recreational – think of the 1960's free love movement. This also is what leads to homosexuality – men with men and women with women. (Modern music, film, and media)
  2. Asmodeus - The demon of homosexuality in Men (rainbow pride)
  3. Leviathan – Demon of homosexuality on the Male side – Think of women that live as butch lesbians. (rainbow pride and equality)
  4. Lilith - Seductive form of female sexuality (them female temptress) - (free porn)
  5. Baphomet – the demon of child sacrifice – abortion – (Roe vs. Wade)

The United States is currently in the hold of the Top 5 demons under Satan.

We are all in this spiritual warfare.

Black or white, gay or straight, everybody is under this attack.

People 100 years ago were not under this amount of spiritual warfare.

Spiritual Warfare in Music

Incubus is a demon you have sex with.

Many actors and music stars are under this psychosis.

Think of Katy Perry, Beyonce, or Brittany Spears.

They "sell their soul" and in exchange the are possessed by an Incubus that drives their music, performances, and leads them to their wealth.

Music is used by Luciferians to covertly hypnotize the population to push their agenda - which is ultimately a One World Religion, One World Gender, and to bring in hell on Earth.

Fr. Chad Ripperger at St. Mary of Pine Bluff, WI speaks on the "Levels of Spiritual Warfare"

Alcohol and Drugs Are Spiritual Warfare

Why do you think alcohol is called "spirits"?

It's because by drinking alcohol, or smoking weed for that matter, opens you up to demonic possession.

That is why it is important to be sober and have a strong moral code.

As we also covered, Pornography is another way that these dark entities called demons get into your mind.

Combine alcohol, weed (or other drugs) and porno and you get a toxic mix of demonic possession.

Christianity and Spiritual Warfare

Christianity today is under attack, not only from demonic forces but also from within.

False prophets like the Pope and supposed holy places like The Vatican are actually the root of the current spiritual warfare we face.

The New Age will push moral relativism which is just another free pass to be a degenerate.

True Christianity is really the only defense against this spiritual warfare.

I'm not advocating for any particular church, but the underpinning themes of Christianity is the only thing keeping the evil forces of the world from total world domination.

Each day that passes and more and more demons possess those that refuse the 10 commandments and the Golden Rule is one more day the chance of hell on Earth becomes a reality.

Roosh V on the Spiritual War we face today;

2 Most Important Weapons Against Spiritual Warfare

The most important words in the world are "Yes" and "No."

The ability to say "Yes this is right" and "No this is wrong" and actually act on those thoughts.

Many people are possessed by a dark energy because they either don't know right from wrong or don't care about being in the wrong.

Having an "open mind" has been taught to the currently population because it opens their minds (spirits) to the Satanic Agenda.

My Experience With Spiritual Warfare

My own spiritual journey started when I came to accept that I will die some day.

When I was living the Home Free Lifestyle I began a journey of repentance. I'm still on that journey today, even as I write this now.

I spent many many months by myself in silence and now I realize I was praying to God.

I asked God what he wanted me to do with the short time I had left on this Earth.

He told me to speak my personal testimony to the world.

So that's what I did. I started creating videos talking about my experiences from everything to sex addiction, pornography, my past relationships with women and with my own family.

That is what I am still doing today.

Of course this has brought out the worst in people.

I've been called a liar, a scammer, a fraud.

I've been censored by Youtube and lost a total of 4 channels, over 12,000 subscribers, and it is only a matter of time before this very website is taken off the internet.

Whoa is me lol.

Now I understand my no one wants to talk about Spiritual Warfare.

Now I understand why so many Men hide their names and faces on the Internet.

They choose to self censor themselves even though they know what needs to be said.

I pity those Men for their cowardice, but I truly understand.

It takes spiritual armor to go against the demons that inhabit this Earth dimension.

The time I spent living in my Jeep, especially in the Colorado mountains, helped me build my Spiritual Armor.

There's a saying “You take the most flack when you're over the target”.

It hasn't been easy. I've still been under Spiritual attack while traveling the world.

Now I can tell when I'm being attacked and I must suffer through it before deciding enough is enough.

I must go back to God and ask for help against these demons, and with the snap of a finger they are gone.

But I know that my mission is doing the work by waking other Men up, but the demons are never far from me.

They are just waiting for me to put my guard down and they will be right back trying to take me down.

So this Spiritual Warfare is a life-long battle for those brave enough to engage in it.

But I am doing what God wants me to do.

Modern Day Spiritual Warfare

Simply giving my own personal testimony as a form of communion and repentance.

If you pray for the answers you will be given them.

But if you don't ask for the answers they will never come.

You'll be trapped in this world with no chance of ascending to the next realm.

I'm not here to preach to you.

I'm not better than you and I'm not smarter than you.

I've made just about every mistake you could make in this demonic world we live in.

I'm just doing the work that needs to be done, so that when I am on my deathbed, drawing my last breath, that I won't have any regrets that I did the right thing.

Spiritual Warfare Against Man

In today’s video I discuss the ongoing Spiritual Warfare Against Man.

Spiritual Warfare Against Man

Every day it seems I read a new headline about a killing, murder, or some type of torture done by one human to another.

There seems to be a huge market for exorcisms by priests who seek to expel demons from possessing your spirit.

Demon Possession is Spiritual Warfare

These days a lot of people are under a spiritual attack from non-human entities.

They don’t realize WHY they do the things they do or are addicted to the vices they have, they just see it as a release from a “crazy” world.

The Clown World

In fact the reason we live in a crazy world, what I call a Clown World, is because there is a spiritual dimension that we cannot see, taste, touch, or smell, but it surrounds us always.

Welcome To The Clown World

This spiritual realm has been in existence since the dawn of mankind.

We hear epic tales of good vs. evil in the bible and other historic works.

Is is possible that humans were under this spiritual warfare going back thousands if not millions of years?