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Black Magic Mirror

Black Magic Mirror

“Mirror mirror in my palm, tell me how to think and make me believe it all.”

The Black Magic Mirror is used by those in power to deceive the masses.

The Black Magic Mirror has been used to start wars, murder millions, and take us further away from nature.

Multi-Generational Black Magic

Our Great Grandparents had the radio.

Our grandparents television.

Our parents were brought up on cable Tel-Lie-Vision as it expanded to thousands of channels.


Tel-Lie-Vision Black Magic Mirror

And here we are today staring at the newest incarnation of the Black Magic Mirror, the smartphone.

While the technology has changed, it's sole purpose has not wavered.

The magicians who pull the strings on this giant hoax use occult numbers and symbols to communicate with each other.

3, 6, and 9 are their most important signals to each other.

Freemason Magicians

They laugh at us in dark rooms, reveling in the stupidity of the masses.

“We got them to believe we landed on the moon! Hahaha!”

“We got them to go to war for us to murder and loot entire nations! Hahaha!”

“We got them to think Trump (another Freemasonic actor) is a good Man! Hahaha”

Don't you see my dear friend, it is all a lie.

Everyone we see in our Black Magic Mirror is an actor.

All the politicians, all the celebrities, all the “subject matter experts”, they are all actors.

You are being played.

And the joke is on you.

But fear not, once you pull down the veil of this insidious ruse, it's almost laughable that we allowed this to go on for so long.

Shut Down Your Black Magic Mirrors

Turn off your Black Magic Mirror for a week and go out into the world.

Talk to real people.

Be in nature.

You'll notice that there is nothing to fear.

There is no racism in the real world.

There is no “hate speech” in the real world.

It's all magic portrayed by the magicians to keep you in a constant state of fear.

But unfortunately your fellow brother and sister standing next to you is heavily under the influence of this magic show.

When you go outside and look around all you will see is the general public fully entrenched in the magic show, staring down at their little black magic box in their hands.

Black Magic Mirrors

Endless scrolling, hypnotizing and conditioning themselves into the black magic show that rules them.

Once you break free from the magic mirror you notice life is great!

The world is a beautiful place!

We have inherited heaven on Earth, if we could only see that it was right in front of our faces the whole time.

Worldwide Black Magic

There is a very powerful group called the Freemasons who control every aspect of this Black Magic Mirror illusion.

They work in every country in the world.

Each region of our modern world has it's own group of Black Magic Magicians.

Each language, each culture has it's own customized form of black magic.

But the common denominator is the Black Magic Box that sits in every living room and every pocket of nearly 7 Billion people world-wide.

All of our “world wars” are manufactured.

All of our supposed “enemies” are manufactured.

Russia is not mortal enemies of America.

Neither is China or any other countries.

These are all lies perpetrated by the black magic magicians to maximize revenue and their bottom line.

When the sheep are in a state of constant fear they are easier to control.

Black Magic Mirror Sheep

Our foods are fake.

The media we watch on our Black Magic Mirror screens is fake.

Everything in this manufactured “real world” is fake.

Break free from this magic show my fellow brothers and sisters and you will see.

The problem is you can't break free from your device.

You wake up every morning and the first thing you do is pick up your mobile Black Magic Mirror to check your black magic social media to keep plugged into the black magic show.

Black Magic Smartphone

"Good morning my Black Magic Mirror!"

Getting back to nature is not just about going on nature walks and singing kumbaya.

Nature is having face to face conversations with other human beings, not texting or sending DM's.

Nature is enjoying the millions of species of plants, animals, and insects that surround us, not just watching them on some cutesy Instagram story.

Nature is feeling at peace with our lives and not being in a constant state of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” who are the new Joneses.

I'm here to tell you it's all been a lie.

Not just WMD's to go fight in Iraq.

Not just the 3 planes that brought down 4 buildings on 9/11.


You've had a front row seat to the greatest (black) magic show on Earth!

Perpetrated by Freemasonic ACTORS in a world-wide stage play.

Leave The Black Magic Show

This realization was such a relief to me.

I saw how indoctrinated I was into the black magic show.

Once I went into Monk Mode, turned off my Black Magic Mirror, and started living naturally I began to see the world in a new way.

I turned off all social media, all news and sports, and I just focused on the Real World.

It's a beautiful thing to break away from the black magic show and just be.

Just sit and hear the wind blow.

Listen to the sounds of the world without needing some demonic music or listening to someone blah blah blah about the problems of the fake black magic world.

I wish the same for you my Friend.

Get past your addiction to the Black Magic Mirrors and live free and happy in this world because that's what God wants for you.

Those that invert God's will tease and prod you to remain solely focused on their black magic show.

But once you break free you are no longer hypnotized by their tricks.

You are free to live, free to create your great works of art, and free to be at one with the Universal Spirit.

There is nothing more freeing in this world.

"Is this the real life, is this just fantasy?

Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality...

Open your eyes look up to the skies and see..."

If you can't break free I understand.

If you think I'm crazy, I understand.

All I'm offering is my testimony, nothing more.

You already have everything you need on this Earth without the black magic mirror.

Nothing in your little Black Magic Mirror adds to your life, it only wastes time.

Black Magic Mirror Attention Metrics

Those that control the Black Magic Mirror trade in a currency called “attention”.

Their metrics are based on “how much attention can we steal from each of you”?

Don't be such an attention whore!

Giving away your precious attention so you can be sold like cattle to the highest bidder.


Be free from your Black Magic Mirror and don't give the magicians any power over you.

Until then you will just be another hypnotized audience member.

Stand up, walk out of the black magic show and never look back.

“But Kris, I have to watch Instagram stories and the news and all the youtube doom-and-gloom videos!”

Okay friend, stay stuck in the black magic show.

Some of us have put on the They Live glasses and can truly “see”.

They Live Sunglasses

“Goodbye everybody, I've got to go...

Got to leave it all behind and face the Truth...”