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Social Currency MGTOW

In today’s video I discuss “Social Currency” and how it plays a role in a woman’s attraction to a Man Going His Own Way or MGTOW. We as MGTOW’s are often in isolation working on our crafts and building our empires and are often a miss at the last Super Bowl part or BBQ. The […]


Hypergamy MGTOW

In this video I discuss the most important word for discovering the “Red Pill” and that is Hypergamy and MGTOW. This word has been hidden from societies vocabulary for decades – only to resurface with a vengeance through MGTOW. This word is HYPERGAMY I will break down what this word means and relate it to […]


Sex Robots and MGTOW

In today’s video podcast I discuss a hot topic amongst the MGTOW community – Sex Robots. I give my take on women being the biggest users of sex robots as they are 1 step away from having sex with their smartphones as part of the Plastic Bitch Apocalypse. I also discuss how Sex Robots were […]

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