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Hypergamy MGTOW

In this video I discuss the most important word for discovering the “Red Pill” and that is Hypergamy and MGTOW. This word has been hidden from societies vocabulary for decades – only to resurface with a vengeance through MGTOW. This word is HYPERGAMY I will break down what this word means and relate it to […]


Sex Robots and MGTOW

In today’s video podcast I discuss a hot topic amongst the MGTOW community – Sex Robots. I give my take on women being the biggest users of sex robots as they are 1 step away from having sex with their smartphones as part of the Plastic Bitch Apocalypse. I also discuss how Sex Robots were […]


The Female Diet MGTOW

In today’s video I discuss The Female Diet and how it plays a role in MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way. It is essential that MGTOW understand that the Female Diet for the most part is high sugar, high carbs, and mostly GMO and Soy-based foods. This creates an imbalance in their hormones and […]

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