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Manginas and White Knights

In today’s video I discuss 2 important categories of men in modern society:

Manginas and White Knights

As the awakening from “blue pill” to “red pill” takes place, it is important to call out these men and their behaviors to enlighten the younger generation to their actions.

It is also important as a MGTOW in terms of self-preservation to understand these 2 types of men as they would seek to take away a MGTOW’s freedom.

What are other behaviors of manginas and white knights that you have seen?


Manginas and White Knights


Women’s March

In today’s video I discuss the “women’s” march that took place all across the country and the world yesterday (January 21st 2017) only one day after the historic Trump inauguration.

There were many displays of the mental illness that is gripping this country and other 1st world countries in Europe, Australia, and Canada.

The examples displayed here give a lot of validity to the MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way movement because it is a systematic dismantling of the Masculine / Feminine dynamic that built this great country.

What are Men to do but expose and fight this mental illness suffered by both feminazi women and blue-pill simp mangina dudes.

What did you think of the “women’s” march that took place yesterday?

What are other ways we Men can fight back?

Women’s March – MGTOW


Cock Carousel

In today’s video I define the “Cock Carousel” and give some commentary on the modern woman.

I also discuss my experiences on Tinder and seeing the same women over and over again riding the CC.

Until we start slut shaming these women they will continue riding the carousel and ultimately leading unhappy, unfulfilling lives.

In what ways do we amplify this message and get these women off the cock carousel?

cock carousel

Cock Carousel


Attention Whores

In today’s video I discuss the World-wide phenomenon of “Attention Whoring” by these smartphone addicted Plastic Bitches.

I delve deep into the psychology of an Attention Whore being similar to a small child’s need for attention from their parents or other children.

I start the video by giving a quick tour of my apartment/studio as I am moving to a “home free” lifestyle over the weekend.

If you have similar stories of Attention Whoring you’ve seen in the field or can relate please drop them in the comments below.

Together as Men in this RedPill on Steroids community we will expose the whores for what they are – CHILDREN!


Plastic Bitches Rant

This is my rant for all the Plastic Bitches that are out there glued to their smartphones.

Ways women are fake:

Everything about modern women is fake:

-face (botox)
-pussy (after birth surgery)
-bleached assholes
-eye color
-minds (with anti-depressant SSRI’s and TV programming)
-jobs (social media marketing bs)

If you agree or think I missed ways in which these hoes are fake please post them in the comments below!

attention whores

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