Women Married The Smartphone

In today’s video I discuss how Women Married The Smartphone and have been consumed by this technology that has taken their souls.

As the first iPhone came out it was easy to use and allowed non-technical people to enjoy the fruits of the Internet.

Soon dating apps would explode and women would have access to all sorts of Men on the cock carousel.

If what you focus on expands, then women have expanded their true nature of shopping, hypergamy, and emotional-driven decisions because of the smartphone.

They lack the discernment to realize how much it consumes them.

What are your thoughts on Women Married The Smartphone and what do you see in the field?


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Kris Cantu is a Spiritual Warrior and my mission is to empower 1 million Men to Go Their Own Way and find freedom in this world. You can also follow me on Twitter @CantuKris