Chapter 3

Wanting vs. Creating

Wanting vs. Creating

Straightline people immediately shift from "wanting" to "creating".

Circular and Zig Zag people either stay at wanting, or easily relapse back into wanting.

Wanting leads to more wanting.

Wanting depletes your energy and tends to upset you.

Staying in the wanting state, without taking the necessary actions is degrading.

Wanting what you don't have makes you feel worse and worse.

The distinctions we will present here must be created and lived daily, otherwise they will not be useful.

Remember: It is the deed, not the doer, that gets you the desired result.

People will do the deed, the necessary required action, once they stop caring about anything else besides the deed itself.

Straightline people care so much about the desired result that they stop caring about anything other than the necessary required actions to get that result.

They do not care abot their own comfort and feelings.  

They don't care what others think of them.

All they care about is the desired result.


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Wanting vs. Creating


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