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Women Married The Smartphone

In today’s video I discuss how Women Married The Smartphone and have been consumed by this technology that has taken their souls. As the first iPhone came out it was easy to use and allowed non-technical people to enjoy the fruits of the Internet. Soon dating apps would explode and women would have access to […]


Hypergamy MGTOW

In this video I discuss the most important word for discovering the “Red Pill” and that is Hypergamy and MGTOW. This word has been hidden from societies vocabulary for decades – only to resurface with a vengeance through MGTOW. This word is HYPERGAMY I will break down what this word means and relate it to […]


Women Are Good Marketing

In today’s video I draw the parallels to how women market themselves in the Sexual Marketplace (S.M.) and the psychological triggers that motivate buyers. With all of the fake-up, fake body enhancements, botox, and misleading clothing, women are the ultimate marketers. As MGTOW goes mainstream it is easy to see the case for Men Going […]