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The Red Pill – MGTOW

In today’s video I discuss what the “Red Pill” means to me and how it has helped me craft my mission and purpose in life. I also discuss the need for a higher purpose above chasing money, pussy, and material things. As Tyler Durden said “Self improvement is masturbation.” In my opinion self improvement is […]

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Rap Music and MGTOW

In this video I discuss Rap Music as a way to be Red Pilled. From an early age I have been listening to rap and it has instilled in my various truths about women. I also discuss the concept of duality in that you need to decide, with discernment, how to use something to your […]

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The War On Testosterone

  The War On Testosterone is the biggest threat to humanity we see today. If you’ve rightfully accepted that a small cabal of men and women control the world – then you could easily see why any threat to that hegemony needs to be put down with brute force. But we live in a world […]