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Unscripted by MJ DeMarco Review

In today’s video I review the new book by MJ DeMarco entitled “Unscripted: Life, Libery, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship” available here:


This is the long awaited follow-up to “The Millionaire Fastlane” available here:


Unscripted speaks of taking the Red Pill and maps out the path to creating your own business systems vs. creating another job or believing in the “slowlane” path to wealth.

The slowlane is considered a life-long slave job while investing in the stock market and 401k’s.

Instead you should grind and hustle to create a business system or “money tree” that you can have high leverage with.

This book really helped me by confirming what I already knew about “The Red Pill”, but I also liked the way it was presented and written.

I felt like MJ was talking to me directly, like two guys hanging out having a beer.

Definitely check out Unscripted if you’re ready to take the hard path to the fastlane.