Chapter 4

Stop Stopping vs. Stopping

Stop Stopping vs. Stopping

Without persistent, focused action everything you know is virtually useless.

A series of interesting mental exercises and nothing else.

Many people will begin a new project with inspired action, but then something happens and they soon get discouraged and then distracted, and then finally become so side-tracked that what they began is never finished.

You have probably started a lot of things: a new training course, a fitness program, or a new diet, that you never completed.

You tried it for a while, but then for one reason or another it just dropped out of your life.

You started and then you stopped.

Beginning today, right now, it's time to stop stopping.

You will use the distinctions presented in the Straightline Mindset course that you find most beneficial to stop stopping and start creating new places to "come from".

It is recommended that you listen to the audio version of support 10 times or more.

You will do well to take notes of the new actions you are creating.

Do not stop.

 In the past you started a lot of various projects. 

If you had just stayed with them you would have success beyond imagination.

But you stopped.

Stop stopping.

When you practice the act of Stop Stopping you will leave your Zig Zag life behind.

This will keep you on a straight line.

When you hit bumps in the road, you may temporarily slow down, but as long as you stay on the right track, you will get there.

Just stop the stopping.

You can even slow down to a crawl and become more focused when you know you will not stop.

Speed is not as important as is getting from A to B in a straight line.

Choose the path of stop stopping and stay on it.

 If yo'ure thinking:

"What is wrong with me?"

"Why do I stop?"

"Don't I need to find out why I stopped?"


You don't figure any of that out. 

It doesn't matter.

It only delays your current progress to wallow in past theories, stories, and beliefs.

Straightline people use this formula to achieve their desired outcomes:

1) Decide what you want to accomplish

2) Decide exactly what actions it will take to accomplish the outcome.

3) Decide if you are willing to pay that price.

4) Monitor the results of your actions and make corrections where needed.

5) Continue to take the necessary required actions and do not stop until your outcome is realized.

This formula will produce miracles for you when you work it.

Stop stopping

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