Emotional Intelligence MGTOW

In today’s video I discuss the concept of Emotional Intelligence or Emotional IQ and MGTOW.

This is a very important concept for Men and specifically Straight-Line MGTOW because you can begin to see how your emotional brain dominates your decisions.

Whether it is diet, finances, health, or relationships, our Emotional Intelligence determines how successful you will be.

I also discuss the concept of the Emotional Brain vs. the Rational Brain and how your the ratio between the two can be up to 24:1 or more.

Meaning that your Emotional Brain is 24 times stronger and more influencial than your rational brain.

Once you understand this you can begin to work on using your rational brain more in your every day life.

This leads to more discipline and focus in all areas.

What are your thoughts on Emotional Intelligence and what are other ways Men can have higher E-IQ?

The Power Of Focus

In today’s video I discuss the Power of Focus, which is important for Men Going Their Own Way to accomplish their mission.

We live in a distraction society. Everything is driven by entertainment and fake news.

The latest headline that grabs your attention.

Straight-Line Men are able to have tunnel vision, to block out these dopamine drug dealers, and take action with reckless abandon.

The power to focus will become more rare, as recent studies show the average human has less attention span than a goldfish.

MGTOW can and should take advantage of this while the sleeping zombies slumber.

The 2 tips I share are 1. Using airplane mode on your phone 6-8 hrs per day and 2. Modafinil https://KrisCantu.com/Modafinil

What are your thoughts on the Power of Focus and what are other ways you have found to focus?

The Deep Soy State

In today’s video I discuss a very important topic that every MGTOW should be aware of – The Deep Soy State.

Just like the “Deep State” of the United States government acts as the Shadow Government making the moves and calling the shots, all unseen and hidden, so has the food industry have a secret about soy products.

The dirty little secret is the emasculation of the modern Male.

By introducing soy into a Man’s diet he is effectively castrating himself.

Filling his body with testosterone killing soy by way of increasing estrogen.

This is leading to man-boobs, lower sperm counts, and a host of other problems.

It is important as a MGTOW that you eliminate all soy products from your diet.

The problem is soy is in a lot of common foods.

I recommend a diet consisting of high protein and high fats.

Eat “real” food, eggs, red meat, and butter.

What do you think of the Deep Soy State conspiracy?