Welcome to the Red Pill on Steroids. I am Kris Cantu and all I'm offering is the Truth, nothing more.. 

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MGTOW Mindset

Straight-Line MGTOW is a Mindset Course for Men Going Their Own Way otherwise known as MGTOW.  Learn how to build the foundational "inner stances" that make you a Man going from Point A to Point B in a straight-line to accomplishing your mission.

Get High-Testosterone

BeastMode30 High-Testosterone Installation System is a 30-day course and video library.  BM30 installs high-testosterone habits over 30-days with daily lessons delivered via email.  Get your testosterone "super-charged" and go BEASTMODE today!

Build A Brand

Red Pill Brand is a brand building course that teaches Men Going Their Own Way how to establish on online presence and grow an audience for "You, Inc." with up-to-date online training and weekly live webinars to help you make money online.

Recent Coaching Testimonials

Philip BraselmannValorforFreedom.com

It's immediately a sign of strenth for me when someone creates content and puts his real name behind it.  ...Well I guess I have some new stuff to listen to!  Really like how inspiring you get, also your speech skills seem to improve, it's well pronounced and clear."

Ronin ManRoninMan.com

Another great video Kris!  As usual, the dad stories hit close to home the most but the whole thing was dope!  Time is the most valuable thing.  

ScienzoflyfeScienzoflyfe on YouTube

Your a man of action, not just talk, which is respectable. You teach not only by lecture but by example. Thanks for encouraging me to get out and push it to the limit Kris. I appreciate it.


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When we talk about Dream Killers it is important to say that NO ONE can kill your dreams.

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