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Objects In Motion: Using Newtons Law of Inertia To Win Big

Objects In Motion tend to stay in motion.

Isaac Newton’s “Law of Inertia” states that an object continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

What Winners can take from this law of the universe is to consistently stay “in motion“.

Objects In Motion

In today’s video I speak on my own personal experiences from both staying in motion and the times I’ve been stuck not taking any action.

How am I taking action and being objects in motion now?

I am currently “in motion” in Phuket, Thailand visiting new beaches and filming new content.

Kris Cantu Phuket

Personal Mind Control

Recently I produced a digital course called “Personal Mind Control” which give you 10 actionable steps to stay focused and in motion.

I will release this 10-step course at no cost for those of you soldiers in the box here – stay tuned!

What are other ways that you stay “in motion” towards your mission and vision?

Thanks to everyone who supported my mission to build 1 million Winners and Leaders worldwide during my recent hiatus.

You are the real heroes of the Winners and Leaders mission!

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