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Moving Past Red Pill Rage

Moving past red pill rage and red pill depression is the topic of today’s video.

The Rabbit Hole

If you’ve been gifted with discernment, you may take the red pill and fall down the rabbit hole of information concerning the “systems of control” ie.

-The Banking System

-The artificial chemicals in food, air, and water

-The Technological Control Grid

It is an important road to take in figuring out how the world works.

But after you’ve digested the red pill, it may seem impossible to believe that there is a way to move forward.


I went through a long period – almost 10 years, of digesting the red pill.

I had both anger and depression along the way, as each layer of The Matrix was revealed.

Finally I came to the conclusion that you must move PAST the red pill and focus on the answers that are deep inside you.

The Sacred Trinity

Mind, Body, Spirit

Now I focus on the Sacred Trinity – Mind, Body, and Spirit.

These are the keys to moving past red pill rage.

Being strong in all three allows you more personal freedom in health, wealth, and relationships.

It gives you clarity to focus on what is inside of your circle of influence, and the strength to walk your own path.

Consume vs. Produce

Once you become aware that there is a way to move past red pill rage, I recommend becoming a producer instead of a consumer of information.

Many people out there will benefit from hearing your story and how you became successful DESPITE the world around us.

This is the inspiration others need in order to win their lives.

You will become a leader by example.

What are your thoughts on Moving Past Red Pill Rage and how can I help you on your journey?

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