Move To Colorado

Move To Colorado

Something about Colorado has been calling me for some time.

It all started with a New Years trip to Cabo San Lucas in 2015, which was my first ever real adult “vacation.”

There I was sitting on a beach on El Cerrito Surf Colony smoking a blunt and thinking “There has to be a better way to live.” (than the 9-5 Matrix rat-race)

I thought “What if I could live here for part of the year, and part of the year in a cabin in the mountains in the spring and summer?”

I eventually got back to reality and instinctively began looking at properties in Colorado.

There are a lot of scams on property in CO, especially after the recent green rush recreational legalization of marijuana.

I researched the area and found a reputable business owner selling a few different parcels.

Long story short, I paid off the land and I’m here now for the first time!

Driving down to the property for the first time I was AMAZED at the views!

Being here less than 24 hours I’ve already met some cool people and seen some amazing views!

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