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Lone Wolf Mindset – How To Go Your Own Way

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In today’s video I discuss The Lone Wolf Mindset and How To Go Your Own Way.

It is important to understand this concept because most of the world is full of distractions.

Most of society is retarded and the time waste of being involved in petty social circles will kill your momentum and spirit.

The Lone Wolf Mindset

There is a popular meme called “MGTOW” or Men Going Their Own Way that is rising in popularity over the recent years.

I have made hundreds of videos and livestreams that discuss the philosophy of “MGTOW”.  

This is a great philosophy for every modern Man to understand and follow to some extent.

Unfortunately like all popular memes, it has been hijacked by agents and those that term themselves “incels” or Involuntarily Celibate.

The Lone Wolf Mindset

The common perception of MGTOW is that they are butt-hurt guys that couldn’t get the girls they wanted.  So they rant and rave against women on social media.

The SPLC has even termed MGTOW as a “hate group”.

While the foundations of the “go your own way” philosophy is important and even life saving, I cannot recommend that any man follow the popular MGTOW communities online.


Many of these content producers are faceless agents of the divide and conquer strategy.

Instead I recommend following a “Lone Wolf Mindset” because it keeps you outside of the modern mainstream thought control and you become free to make up your own mind about the world.

Freedom To Think

In the book 1984 written by George Orwell, there is something called “thought crime“.

This is a made up term to justify mental slavery.  

The modern world is full of “thought crimes” and instead we call it being “politically correct” or being “PC”.

This is where the power of The Lone Wolf Mindset comes into play.

Lone Wolf Mindset

By being a lone wolf you quietly disengage from the modern thought patterns of the masses.

Look around, what do you see?

As I sit in this coffee shop writing this post all I see are slow, overweight or skinny, citizens of popular thought.

While you must live in this world you don’t have to be A PART of it.

Stopping Social Media

Another aspect of The Lone Wolf Mindset is the non-usage of social media.  

Social Media was sold to society as a way to further connect them.

Instead it has causes most users to become more distant to those around them.

It also leads to depression and anxiety from seeing everyone’s perceived happy lives when in fact it is all al facade.

The true Lone Wolf eliminates all conformity from his life including social media.

Stop Using Social Media

You do not need social media to build a business.

You do not need social media to keep in touch with family and friends.

You do not need social media to create your great work.


With all of the forces working against modern Man including the War On Testosterone, it is extremely important to stop following the engineered society known as “culture”.

Having a Lone Wolf Mindset can be lonely and frustrating at times, but in my experience it builds strength and character.

What are your questions about The Lone Wolf Mindset and how can I help you on your journey?

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