Chapter 1

Introduction To Straightline Mindset

Introduction To Straightline Mindset

The inner distinction Chapters presented to you in this course are foundational skills.

They are not soft skills like drive, motivation, or inspiration. They are not hard skills like software training, social media marketing, or coding algorithms.

The skills you will learn in Straightline Mindset are the foundation upon which all other skills of personal development and "self-help" are built. They are vital for individual and business performance.

Without mastery of Straightline Mindset skills, performance becomes non-existent.

The foundation of any individual person seeking a result is their inner stance. This is the place that they operate from.

A person who is effective comes from a committed, passionate place.

A person who is in-effective can be coming from a place of victimhood or non-commitment.

What most peopole don't know is there is a way to have absolute control over this "inner place" foundation inside of you and create it to be whatever you choose.

**This is the "Secret Sauce" of Straightline Mindset**‚Äč

The geometry of success is very simple.

There are only two points of success - Point A is where you are now. Point B is where you want to go or your desired result.

The shortest distance between Point A and Point B is a straight line.

Thus a person who exercises this shortest distance approach is said to have a Straightline Mindset.

In contrast to this is a Circular person - one who goes around and around in a circle, repeating the same unworkable behaviors, performing the same actions in their lives and expecting a different outcome. They are living the literal definition of insanity.

The third type of person is a Zig Zag person. One who attempts to take a straight line approach to their desired result, but quits before they achieve their result and defaults back to being circular.

This creates and endless loop of zig-zag motions that never reach Point B.

The position you operate from in life can be defined as your personal culture. In other words, "who you are", "how you exist", "how you live", and "how you function in life".

The things you DO and the things you DO NOT do.

This inner operating system or personal culture is call your "inner stance".

Your inner stance is made up of "inner distinctions".

In this course you will learn that true power is the ability to shift these inner distinctions at will.

Straightline Mindset is designed to assist you at recognizing and "come from" empowering inner distinctions and recognize non-productive and unworkable inner-positions, there by giving you tools for higher levels of awareness and performance.

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