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Home Free Lifestyle

Finding Freedom in The Home Free Lifestyle

Why I Moved To A Home Free Lifestyle

Growing up in The Matrix I was told “go to school, get a good job, get a mortgage, get married, and save enough so you can retire at age 60”.

This is the exact formula that keeps you in debt and a slave to society.

After moving back to Texas from Silicon Valley I expected things to be less “Clown World” but to my surprise Texas has become a liberal wasteland like California.

I was trapped in an apartment lease paying over $1,600 for rent. Of course this was my fault because I was still under the delusion that if I had nice things (cars, money, clothes) that I could attract a worthy woman into my life.

Soon I began to understand the philosophy of MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way and realized that I had been a “MGTOW” my entire life.

Leaving My Flaming Condo Lifestyle

The genesis for moving to a Home Free Lifestyle came from a Youtuber named “I AM JAKE”.

Jake lived in his Jeep and made daily vlog videos.

I thought well hell I can shoot and edit videos, and I have a strong message that other Men need to hear.

So in August of 2016 I decided to sell all of my belongings and move into my Jeep Cherokee.

This was the beginning of a 18 month journey that would culminate in me moving overseas to Thailand.

In today’s video I talk about my move to a Home Free Lifestyle.

NOTE: This video was filmed in November 2017 shortly before moving to Thailand

Home Free Lifestyle

I also discuss some things that I encountered over the weekend while moving away from my “flaming condo” lifestyle.

After 2 full days of moving I am finally set up and I feel more FREE than I ever have.

Your comments, subs, and support are the fuel to my fire.

Together we will not be stopped! 

Please drop your comment and questions about the Home Free Lifestyle below!


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Island Guy
Island Guy
1 year ago

Mark Manson recommends the “1 Year Test”:
-take stock of your material possessions. Anything you haven’t used in over a year needs to go.
You’d be surprised at the amt of crap you have and never actually use.

3 years ago

I am passionate about all these topics you mentioned. Love it when I meet someone else who ‘gets it’. That’ rare. Most of the time I just wander keeping my mouth shut. This is gonna be long. 1) Revelation while moving Once upon a time, I was moving out of my mom’s house. Eventually, my room consisted of the following. – Mattress -Laptop -Cellphone -Suitcase with clothes That’s it. I have never felt more free in my entire life. I couldn’t believe the shit I used to keep. You don’t even know how much junk you have until you’re forced… Read more »

Kris Cantu
Kris Cantu
3 years ago
Reply to  dr_warlock

Excellent comment Dr. Warlock. You have a great grasp of MGTOW and Red Pill Theory.

Appreciate your comment and support!

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