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Low Testosterone MGTOW

In today’s video I discuss the core problem with most Men – Low Testosterone. I offer my personal low-t story and 3 ways to overcome they symptoms of low-t. Most Men that have Low Testosterone are victims of the Deep Soy State! Project Mayhem homework assignment: Get Your T-levels checked! You can get your t-levels […]


The Deep Soy State

In today’s video I discuss a very important topic that every MGTOW should be aware of – The Deep Soy State. Just like the “Deep State” of the United States government acts as the Shadow Government making the moves and calling the shots, all unseen and hidden, so has the food industry have a secret […]

redpill on steriods

The War On Testosterone

  The War On Testosterone is the biggest threat to humanity we see today. If you’ve rightfully accepted that a small cabal of men and women control the world – then you could easily see why any threat to that hegemony needs to be put down with brute force. But we live in a world […]