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Instagods by Sonny Arvado Review

Instagods Review with Sonny Arvado and Kris Cantu

There is a new world that is secretly taking over real life’s monopoly on human consciousness. 

It is a world that has no limits.

It never sleeps. And it does not discriminate.

It does not matter how “big” or how “small” you are.

LeBron James.

Conor McGregor.

Even the President of the United States.

All are bound by the laws of this world.

It is as complex and diverse as the billions of people who flock to it every day and night.

By the time you die, you will have spent a total of 5 years of your life in it.

Of course, we are talking about the wide world of...

Social Media

Up until now, no one has ever put together a complete work on this topic.

What is social media exactly?

How is it changing us?

And just how much power does it have over humanity?

You will find the answers to these questions and MUCH MORE within the pages of this revolutionary work.

Social media has changed civilization forever. For better or worse, it is here and it is here to stay.

This work decodes every aspect of the matrix and makes sense of humanity’s current state of chaotic programming.

It is the most important resource ever put together.

Welcome to Instagods.

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Watch my previous interview with Sonny Arvado, the author of "Of Tyrants and Tellers"

Black Magic Mirror

Black Magic Mirror

“Mirror mirror in my palm, tell me how to think and make me believe it all.”

The Black Magic Mirror is used by those in power to deceive the masses.

The Black Magic Mirror has been used to start wars, murder millions, and take us further away from nature.

Multi-Generational Black Magic

Our Great Grandparents had the radio.

Our grandparents television.

Our parents were brought up on cable Tel-Lie-Vision as it expanded to thousands of channels.


Tel-Lie-Vision Black Magic Mirror

And here we are today staring at the newest incarnation of the Black Magic Mirror, the smartphone.

While the technology has changed, it's sole purpose has not wavered.

The magicians who pull the strings on this giant hoax use occult numbers and symbols to communicate with each other.

3, 6, and 9 are their most important signals to each other.

Freemason Magicians

They laugh at us in dark rooms, reveling in the stupidity of the masses.

“We got them to believe we landed on the moon! Hahaha!”

“We got them to go to war for us to murder and loot entire nations! Hahaha!”

“We got them to think Trump (another Freemasonic actor) is a good Man! Hahaha”

Don't you see my dear friend, it is all a lie.

Everyone we see in our Black Magic Mirror is an actor.

All the politicians, all the celebrities, all the “subject matter experts”, they are all actors.

You are being played.

And the joke is on you.

But fear not, once you pull down the veil of this insidious ruse, it's almost laughable that we allowed this to go on for so long.

Shut Down Your Black Magic Mirrors

Turn off your Black Magic Mirror for a week and go out into the world.

Talk to real people.

Be in nature.

You'll notice that there is nothing to fear.

There is no racism in the real world.

There is no “hate speech” in the real world.

It's all magic portrayed by the magicians to keep you in a constant state of fear.

But unfortunately your fellow brother and sister standing next to you is heavily under the influence of this magic show.

When you go outside and look around all you will see is the general public fully entrenched in the magic show, staring down at their little black magic box in their hands.

Black Magic Mirrors

Endless scrolling, hypnotizing and conditioning themselves into the black magic show that rules them.

Once you break free from the magic mirror you notice life is great!

The world is a beautiful place!

We have inherited heaven on Earth, if we could only see that it was right in front of our faces the whole time.

Worldwide Black Magic

There is a very powerful group called the Freemasons who control every aspect of this Black Magic Mirror illusion.

They work in every country in the world.

Each region of our modern world has it's own group of Black Magic Magicians.

Each language, each culture has it's own customized form of black magic.

But the common denominator is the Black Magic Box that sits in every living room and every pocket of nearly 7 Billion people world-wide.

All of our “world wars” are manufactured.

All of our supposed “enemies” are manufactured.

Russia is not mortal enemies of America.

Neither is China or any other countries.

These are all lies perpetrated by the black magic magicians to maximize revenue and their bottom line.

When the sheep are in a state of constant fear they are easier to control.

Black Magic Mirror Sheep

Our foods are fake.

The media we watch on our Black Magic Mirror screens is fake.

Everything in this manufactured “real world” is fake.

Break free from this magic show my fellow brothers and sisters and you will see.

The problem is you can't break free from your device.

You wake up every morning and the first thing you do is pick up your mobile Black Magic Mirror to check your black magic social media to keep plugged into the black magic show.

Black Magic Smartphone

"Good morning my Black Magic Mirror!"

Getting back to nature is not just about going on nature walks and singing kumbaya.

Nature is having face to face conversations with other human beings, not texting or sending DM's.

Nature is enjoying the millions of species of plants, animals, and insects that surround us, not just watching them on some cutesy Instagram story.

Nature is feeling at peace with our lives and not being in a constant state of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” who are the new Joneses.

I'm here to tell you it's all been a lie.

Not just WMD's to go fight in Iraq.

Not just the 3 planes that brought down 4 buildings on 9/11.


You've had a front row seat to the greatest (black) magic show on Earth!

Perpetrated by Freemasonic ACTORS in a world-wide stage play.

Leave The Black Magic Show

This realization was such a relief to me.

I saw how indoctrinated I was into the black magic show.

Once I went into Monk Mode, turned off my Black Magic Mirror, and started living naturally I began to see the world in a new way.

I turned off all social media, all news and sports, and I just focused on the Real World.

It's a beautiful thing to break away from the black magic show and just be.

Just sit and hear the wind blow.

Listen to the sounds of the world without needing some demonic music or listening to someone blah blah blah about the problems of the fake black magic world.

I wish the same for you my Friend.

Get past your addiction to the Black Magic Mirrors and live free and happy in this world because that's what God wants for you.

Those that invert God's will tease and prod you to remain solely focused on their black magic show.

But once you break free you are no longer hypnotized by their tricks.

You are free to live, free to create your great works of art, and free to be at one with the Universal Spirit.

There is nothing more freeing in this world.

"Is this the real life, is this just fantasy?

Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality...

Open your eyes look up to the skies and see..."

If you can't break free I understand.

If you think I'm crazy, I understand.

All I'm offering is my testimony, nothing more.

You already have everything you need on this Earth without the black magic mirror.

Nothing in your little Black Magic Mirror adds to your life, it only wastes time.

Black Magic Mirror Attention Metrics

Those that control the Black Magic Mirror trade in a currency called “attention”.

Their metrics are based on “how much attention can we steal from each of you”?

Don't be such an attention whore!

Giving away your precious attention so you can be sold like cattle to the highest bidder.


Be free from your Black Magic Mirror and don't give the magicians any power over you.

Until then you will just be another hypnotized audience member.

Stand up, walk out of the black magic show and never look back.

“But Kris, I have to watch Instagram stories and the news and all the youtube doom-and-gloom videos!”

Okay friend, stay stuck in the black magic show.

Some of us have put on the They Live glasses and can truly “see”.

They Live Sunglasses

“Goodbye everybody, I've got to go...

Got to leave it all behind and face the Truth...”

Why Is Pornography Free?

Why Is Porn Free?

This is a great question to ask as you look at society today.

If you look at the rankings for Top 10 websites in the United States you will see that 3 of the top 10 are porn sites.

Why Is Pornography Free?

These sites have massive libraries of every sexual fetish you can think of, and many you would have never thought of.

All available free of charge to any Man, woman, or child.

Most of these sites have nothing more than a simple age gate (Are You Over The Age of 18?) that can be easily bypassed to access this trove of degeneracy.

In this article I will give you a brief history of pornography and my own personal experience dealing with porn addiction.

"Sexual liberation is a form of control"  -E. Michael Jones

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Who invented porn?

Since the dawn of civilization there has always been naked bodies put on display.

Looking at the statues of Rome you see massive sculptures of muscular Men and curvy women.

You see this throughout history in not only sculptures but paintings and writings.

It wasn't until shortly after World War I that “pornography” was pushed into the mainstream.

In Germany's Wiemar Republic there were a small group of porn peddlers that were creating magazines and stage plays to instituted this idea of sexualization onto the general public.

Some would argue that what happened in Nazi Germany was a result of the native Germans not wanting to be sexualized in this manner so they started rounding up those who were pushing it.

They say Hitler started “book burning” operations but in reality we find out it was actually smut literature and early X-rated photography that they were burning.

Of course those that own the media at that time and still do to this day will spin this as “racist” or “white supremacist” but the reality is Germany at that time wanted to keep it's core Christian values in place.

I highly recommend this video by Mark Collett on The Jewish Role In The Porn Industry:

The 1960's Sexual Revolution

Fast forward to the sexual revolution of the 60's to see the effect that losing World War II had on not only the people of Germany or Europe, but far reaching to the United States and other western countries.

Now you were free to “love” whoever you wanted, to be as deviant as you wanted with all kinds of psychedelic drugs and marijuana that was widely available.

This was the time that the old Christian values of the West were directly attacked by those that hate Christ.

They pushed the earliest institutional pornography in the form of 8mm films and magazines.

Think of Hugh Hefner and Playboy as a soft-core version of porn that was masked with interviews with celebrities and athletes, but the underlying smut was there for all to see.

Just like the Rainbow Agenda is pushed on us today to condition us to accept it, whether we want to or not, porn was pushed to those in the 70's and 80's as your RIGHT to watch and enjoy.

The video "The Wages Of Sin" is a great compilation from E. Michael Jones that explains this in greater detail.

My Own Experience With Free Pornography

As a child of divorce I would visit my Dad for the weekends (back when we still had a relationship) but I was often left alone.

I remember my first exposure to porn was staying at my Uncle's house on the weekend and finding a giant trove of XXX-rated magazines.

These weren't soft-core Playboys, but instead a hard-core version of these magazines with names like “Oui” and “XXX”.

With no one around to protect a young boy from this smut, I began to develop an appetite for seeing naked women doing dirty, outrageous things in these magazines.

Imagine a young 7 or 8 year old seeing this for the first time.

In the back of these magazines were ads for even raunchier VHS tapes you could order with everything from transgenderism to beastiality on the menu.

Fast forward a short time and I was again staying over the weekend at my Dad's house and I was again home alone.

This time I was pilfering through my Dad's VHS collection of movies.

I came across one film called “Caligula” and this was my first experience with watching porn movies.

I distinctly remember watching the orgy scenes in Caligula and having a wet dream that night.

This was the beginning of a sexual addiction that would last well into my late 30's.

Again, there was no masculine influence around me to say “No, this is not good” so I just assumed this is what all adults were into.

As single-parent families have grown in numbers, I can only imagine this has happened to many other Men on an exponential scale.

I also remember growing up with cable television that had porn movies available on Pay-Pay-View.

A sneaky way to get free porn was if you turned to channel 01 you could still hear the porn movie even if you did not purchase the $3.99 Pay-Per-View.

You could still hear the moans and groans of the porno movies all free of charge.

So at this point in the early 1990's porn was already a mainstream fixture in my life.

I would say this early exposure to porn led me to be a sex addict for most of my early and mid adult life.

I remember being in high school trying to bang every girl I could.

I would try to re-enact the same things I would see in porn movies with these high school girls.

My sex addiction was so bad in my teens that at one point I started calling sex phone numbers (they started with the area code 976 if anyone remembers that).

I had my own landline phone in my room and was unaware that calling these phone numbers actually billed your phone company account.

So when my Mom came to me angry as to why the phone bill was mysteriously in the hundreds of dollars then there was some explaining to do.

I was never quite sure how she handled that situation back in the day but at least I can see now what led up to that. (Thanks and sorry Mom). 😇

Looking back I was addicted to sex at a very early age thanks to readily available X-rated content and no male figure to protect me from it.

'A good Man, though a slave, is free.  A wicked Man, though a King, is a slave". -E. Michael Jones

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Where Does Free Porn Come From?

If you do some research you'll see that porn is freely available in every western country.

One country where porn is blocked, who by the way invented and distributes our modern day, high-speed Internet porn, is Israel.

In fact, if you want to watch porn in Israel you need to apply for special permission to gain access to it.

Hmmmm I wonder why??

In fact, one explanation can be given when you look at how hard-core porn was broadcast into Palestine during an occupation of the country.

Why you ask?

Because giving people, especially fighting-aged Men, free porn weakens them.

You lose inhibitions and become a lazy sack of shit from busting your nut (life energy).

That's why you see so many broken boys and young Men today in the west.

Roosh V does an excellent job at referencing the use of free porn by the state of Israel on its enemies:

The Porn Bomb

Men, women, and children in the West have been hit with the Porn Bomb and it's all been institutionalized by mainstream media, Hollywood, and those that own the United States (Israel).

Watching porn not only destroys your drive and ambition, but constantly jerking off and losing your seed into a dirty sock makes you feel ashamed.

It weakens not only your mind but your spirit.

In the bible masturbation is self abuse and a sin.

But in our present day Clown World masturbation is your right!

It's your right to be as degenerate as possible!!

Freedom of Degeneracy!

Why Is Pornography Free?

Just turn on your local news and see the latest rainbow pride parade for confirmation.

I don't write for those people who seek to drown in their own lust and desires.

Good luck and good riddance to those lost souls.

I write this for the good Man out there looking for answers as to why he feels so weak and helpless.

Pornography going mainstream is a major factor in male disposability.

Porn addiction breaks a Man in mind, body, and spirit.

Many have talked about the future of “porn” being life-like sex dolls.

The fact is this has all been engineered to make Men disposable.

This addiction to sex imprisons Men on the Spank Bank Hamster wheel.

Watch the "Spank Bank Hamster Wheel" by Kris Cantu (2016):

What never gets mentioned in the whole sex doll debate is that women have had “sex robots” in the form of vibrators for going on 4 decades now.

Where ever you stand on the “sex doll” debate one thing is for sure, that Men are the victims of pornography, not the victors.


When you look at who is behind the porn companies you get a clearer understanding.

Anything that is blasphemy to Christ is good in the Clown World.

Gone are the days of marrying one woman and being faithful to her, having and raising kids, and being a tight family unit.

Instead those in power want you to choose wacking off in dark room all day.

This hedonism is a dead end.

Subservience to God is your only salvation.

Which do you think is more of a threat to the power structure?

Now you see why porn is free.

Porn weakens all Men who watch it and makes them slaves to their desires. 

Please listen to my testimony and personal experience.


Please know that porn is a weapon.

A wolf in sheep's clothing.

Pornography is a trojan horse into your soul and if you are not careful it could lead to a life of misery.

If you ask Men locked up in prison if they were addicted to porn I'd wager near 100% would say yes.

Look at who owns the porn companies and you'll see they all have one thing in common:

They all hate Christ and will do anything to turn this world upside down to spite him.

Including using your own God-given sexual desires and exploiting them to your own demise.

Think about it – if porn is free then how do they make money?

That's right – YOU are the product.

To be more specific, by taking you away from God and giving you porn to jack off to, you become one of them - a blasphemer.

It's not about making money, it's about destroying all resistance to their inversion agenda.

That is the bottom line.

Until tomorrow my friends, stay strong and stay vigilant.

The world is waking up to the deceivers and this message of truth will only grow stronger with each passing day.