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The Jew World Order

In today’s video I discuss my awakening to the real New World Order – which in fact is the J.W.O. or Jew World Order. I put off this conclusion for most of my decade of red pill awakening, but the facts kept building up and the conclusion was obvious. As the culture wars intensify and […]


1 Circumcision is Satanic Ritual Abuse

In today’s video I discuss how I believe the act of circumcision to be a form of Satanic Ritual Abuse. I believe that circumcision is a form of Satanic Ritual Abuse perpetrated on male babies. It is performed on roughly 80% of the males in the United States, compared to only 30% for the rest […]


3 The Lie Economy

“Every great lie is mostly Truth.” -Kris Cantu They say Satan was the great deceiver. ┬áThat is why I believe we are living in the Lie Economy┬árun by Satanists. Most are under the false illusion of the “Religion of Money.” Most will lie, cheat, and steal for the almighty dollar (AKA debt paper). I confronted […]