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The Female Diet MGTOW

In today’s video I discuss The Female Diet and how it plays a role in MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way. It is essential that MGTOW understand that the Female Diet for the most part is high sugar, high carbs, and mostly GMO and Soy-based foods. This creates an imbalance in their hormones and […]


Dream Killers

In today’s video I respond to a question from a commenter MannyViiF who asks me to talk about some Dream Killers out there. When we talk about Dream Killers it is important to say that NO ONE can kill your dreams. When you are a young MGTOW coming up in the world people want to […]


Women Are Good Marketing

In today’s video I draw the parallels to how women market themselves in the Sexual Marketplace (S.M.) and the psychological triggers that motivate buyers. With all of the fake-up, fake body enhancements, botox, and misleading clothing, women are the ultimate marketers. As MGTOW goes mainstream it is easy to see the case for Men Going […]