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3 The Chimera Effect: Women, Sex, and DNA (MGTOW)

In today’s video I’m going to discuss a very controversial topic concerning Women, Sex and DNA from a MGTOW perspective. This message needs to get out to all women out there and I want everyone to spread this message on social media. Women are heavenly beings and they contain the key to our survival here […]


Women Shit On Men

In today’s video I discuss what I see in the world as the main “system of control” – Men giving up their freedom to provide for women’s “security” or in other words, Women Shit On Men. All around me I see the state of women as their rampant agency allows them to “shit” on good […]


Attention Whores MGTOW

In today’s video I discuss the world-wide phenomenon of Attention Whores and how MGTOW can expose these smartphone addicted Plastic Bitches. I delve deep into the psychology of an Attention Whore being similar to a small child’s need for attention from their parents or other children. I start the video by giving a quick tour […]

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