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The Ego Plantation – Holding Yourself Back From Success

The Ego Plantation – Holding Yourself Back From Success

The Ego Plantation

In today’s video I discuss an important topic and give my personal testimony to what I like to call The Ego Plantation.

As masculine Men we like to think that we have all the answers.

As we grow older we grow more wise and “stuck” in our ways of thinking.

The old saying “You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks” certainly applies to Men.

Yin and Yang

Your Ego is a very important part of your mindset.

But like all things, balance is everything.

As my Brother Dylan Madden says…

“Your ego is what you navigate the world with. It’s the clothes that you wear. The thoughts in your head.


It’s the person that you see in the mirror


Put simply, it’s your character. Your avatar for this game we call life.”

Dylan goes on to say that your Ego is your Awareness (or lack thereof).

He gives a great formula for Enlarging Your Ego here.

Holding You Back

Sometimes it’s your ego that holds you back.

Thinking you “know” everything and being afraid to gain new knowledge can prove to be your downfall.

It is the fear of being wrong that causes us to be stuck in our boxes, or on the “plantation” as I like to call it.

In today’s video I give my personal testimony to times I’ve let my ego hold me back as well as my experience with seeing Men in the manosphere and especially MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way).

The more you can get off of The Ego Plantation and adapt and grow with new information, the better set-up you will be for success.

Have you ever been stuck on The Ego Plantation and if so, what steps did you take to break free of those chains holding you back?

2 Creating Your Vision

In today’s video I give my subscribers a tour of my Colorado property as well as discuss my experience “Creating My Own Vision.”

It’s important for all MGTOW’s to have a vision for what they want (and don’t want) in their lives and actively visualize that vision every single day.

Although you may not see progress daily, weekly or even monthly, you will be surprised how much of your vision comes true without even thinking about it.

This has been the key to my success – having a vision so close to my heart and actively working towards it daily that it would be impossible for it not to happen.

This property in Colorado is a manifestation of a vision I had on New Years Day 2016 of how I wanted to live 6 months in the mountains and 6 months on a beach in Cabo for the Winter.

Now I am one step closer to my Life Vision.

Future videos will go more in-depth into Creating Your Vision and how to achieve anything you visualize in your mind.

What is your vision for your MGTOW lifestyle?


Creating Your Vision

2 Home Free Lifestyle

In today’s video I talk about my move to a Home Free Lifestyle and some things that I encountered over the weekend while moving away from my “flaming condo” lifestyle.

After 2 full days of moving I am finally set up and I feel more FREE than I ever have.

Your comments, subs, and support are the fuel to my fire. Together we will not be stopped! MGTOW for LIFE!

Please drop your comment and questions below!

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