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Buying Modafinil Online With Discount



In today’s video I review Modafinil (or ModAlert) as a “Smart Drug” and productivity tool from personal experience.

Modafinil is great for creating tremendous focus during your day. I recommend taking a 200 MG dose between 6-8AM in the morning to get a full day’s worth of focus.

Sometimes compared to NTZ-48 in the fictional film “Limitless”, a dose of Modafinil gives you tunnel vision to accomplish the tasks at hand.

I’ve also used Modafinil to lift weights and play basketball. The latter produces very aggressive play and I ended up driving to the basket and looking for contact more than I was settling for the outside shot.

The best way to buy Modafinil online is from a trusted source like and paying with Bitcoin.

A lot of United States banks block purchases from International online pharmacies so in order to get your Modafinil (or ModAlert) order processed in the shortest amount of time, I highly recommend paying with BTC.

An added bonus at is that you get an additional 25% off when you pay with BTC.

(If you don’t already have a BTC wallet, please use to set up your wallet on Coinbase and when you make your first BTC purchase I will give you $10 in BTC for free!)

What are your thoughts on Modafinil and how has it helped your Straight-Line MGTOW journey?

Thanks for taking time to learn more about Buying Modafinil Online with Discount.



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