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Women Are Good Marketing

In today’s video I draw the parallels to how women market themselves in the Sexual Marketplace (S.M.) and the psychological triggers that motivate buyers. With all of the fake-up, fake body enhancements, botox, and misleading clothing, women are the ultimate marketers. As MGTOW goes mainstream it is easy to see the case for Men Going […]


The Deep Soy State

In today’s video I discuss a very important topic that every MGTOW should be aware of – The Deep Soy State. Just like the “Deep State” of the United States government acts as the Shadow Government making the moves and calling the shots, all unseen and hidden, so has the food industry have a secret […]


Buying Modafinil Online With Discount

BUY MODAFINIL and MODALERT HERE: CREATE YOUR BITCOIN WALLET HERE: In today’s video I review Modafinil (or ModAlert) as a “Smart Drug” and productivity tool from personal experience. Modafinil is great for creating tremendous focus during your day. I recommend taking a 200 MG dose between 6-8AM in the morning to get a […]

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