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Accountability and Responsibility

In today’s video I discuss two important topics that every masculine Man in the modern world must accept – Accountability and Responsibility.

All of our lives we are pre-programmed to follow a certain path of being in “The Matrix” and staying on the proverbial plantation.

Accountability and Responsibility Mindset Shift

The key mindset shift of “Everything Is My Fault” is a hard one to make because society as a whole has us blaming everything and everyone except ourselves for our lot in life.

  • It’s the government!
  • It’s female nature!
  • It’s the corporations!

I fell into this trap of blaming all of the outside forces for my life for a very long time.

When taking “Red Pills” the bottle should say “May Cause Severe Blaming Syndrome”.

It wasn’t until I made this key mindset shift of being accountable and responsible for every aspect of my life did I make huge strides forward.


Be accountable for your life in every way.

Build yourself up in Mind, Body, and Spirit so you can have no excuses for the quality of your life.

If you take time and spend years building yourself and creating your vision you will have no time to blame others.

You will accept the things you cannot change and focus on the things you can change.


Taking responsibility for your life means taking action.

REMEMBER: Objects In Motion tend to stay in motion.

Just like a body builder does continuous lifting to destroy his muscle fibers so they may grow, we must get out of our comfort zones to “build” the lives we want to lead.

Humans have been seeking comfort from the beginning of time, and hence in our modern age of convenience and distraction, this only hurts our ability to grow.

It is deeply embedded within our DNA to seek comfort.

In today’s distraction culture we are inundated with creature comforts.

This causes a Man to become soft, weak, and ultimately unhappy.

Once you take actions to get out of your comfort zone, you will be much more fulfilled.

When you trade dopamine for long-term serotonin, you will find everlasting happiness.

What are other ways we can take accountability and responsibility in our lives?

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