Chapter 2

A Straightline Person

A Straightline Person

Straight line people use distinctions to maintain their high levels of awareness and performance.

This course will reveal the most powerful and useful distinctions so that having a Straightline Mindset will be your own route to success in any field you choose.

These distinctions will help you first recognize the "inner stance" you are currently operating from, and if that stance is insufficient, you then actively choose a new inner stand that does work for you. 

You can't start solving the core problems that are the roadblocks to achieving your desired results.

It is also important to ask yourself "am I understanding it" or "am I living it"?

**Remember:  Knowing without doing leaves you powerless**

Straightline people are not content with understanding these distinctions, instead they internalize them and are disciplined to come from these new inner stances.  

They apply them by doing.

Straight line people are those that create and utilize more internal tools. 

Once these tools, in our case distinctions are incorporated and acted upon there is nothing but pure, powerful, intelligent action.

Circular and zig zag people get hung up on how they "feel" - most times avoiding the necessary required actions - in other words hard work.

They try to sort out the necessary preconditions for acting.

They think they need more courage or they need to get rid of a particular bad habit, or they assume they need to learn more about the situation before acting.

Straightline people don't focus these concerns. 

Simply act decisively regardless of how they feel, what they know, or if they have fear or not.

They know that all of their desired results will come out of taking decisive action.  

They know that getting from A to B is always about doing the next required action.

**The Universe moves for the deed, not the doer of the deed** 

The Universe rewards the action taken, not the perceived courage of the doer.

Straight line people simply decide what they want to accomplish, write down the necessary required actions, and then DO the necessary required actions.

A to B on a straight line.

Straight line people ask themselves this 5 times a day or more:

 "Am I being productive or am I inventing things to avoid required action?"

Straight line people use the words that are most effective to create movement from A to B.

While we all have circular and zig zag inside us, it is the Straightline person that we must nurture, cultivate, and grow through our commitment to our desired result. 


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A Straightline Person


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