Women Don’t Need Men

In this video I discuss how women don’t need Men in this gynocentric society.

With the introduction of smartphones and the proliferation of pet ownership, women now have all of the faculties to be whole and complete (ya right).

I discuss my experiences trying to find a good woman here in Austin, TX and how having the following:

  • Good 6-figure job

  • Good looking

  • Healthy

  • Funny

  • Smart

…means nothing to today’s self-absorbed women.


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About the Author

Kris Cantu is a Spiritual Warrior and my mission is to empower 1 million Men to Go Their Own Way and find freedom in this world. You can also follow me on Twitter @CantuKris

  • Ronny Collins

    Hi. I am a 34-year-old loner who has never had a girlfriend, and will most likely die alone. From having a mother who was a verbally abusive sadist who loved to explain to the world what garbage I am, and having a former best friend all the way back from high-school who constantly picked women up off the streets, damn near impregnated them that same night, and regularly demoted me to a Third-Fucking-Wheel… I don’t even like talking about sexually at all.

    I am also a Muay-Thai kickboxer who worships physical training and violence, and I want to maximize my fighting skills, so that I can take on my real enemy; guys who hurt women, and guys who fucking brag to me about their fucking sexual scoreboards!!

    This message is for any feminists and lesbians who have actually been hurt or attacked by men in their past:

    I ask you to channel all of that hatred, desire for vengeance, and justifiable anger, and aim it at ME. I want you to talk shit to me, and explain to me why I am fucking GARBAGE. PISS ME OFF… so that I can train harder, and improve my fighting skills more quickly and efficiently. Demonize me, and treat me like the bad-guy… so that I can take on the real bad-guys. Talk me into committing suicide if you want to… I can’t even deny that I probably should. Hell, if you want, I’ll even compare your words to those of my mother, and give you tips on how to Improve your ability to talk shit. After all, your ability to talk shit is pretty much your greatest weapon, and you need to make sure that ability is razor-sharp, and ready for use at any given time.

    So if you want to tell a man how little he means to the world, then fucking DO IT… TALK SHIT TO ME!!

    (Maniacal Hyena-like laughter)