Women Don’t Need Men

In this video I discuss how women (girls) no longer need Men in their lives.

With the introduction of smartphones and the proliferation of pet ownership, women now have all of the faculties to be whole and complete (ya right).

I discuss my experiences trying to find a good woman here in Austin, TX and how having the following:

  • Good 6-figure job
  • Good looking
  • Healthy
  • Funny
  • Smart

…means nothing to today’s self-absorbed women.



My MGTOW Story – The RedPill On Steroids Podcast Ep. 5

In this episode of The RedPill on Steroids Podcast I go deep into my life history that led me to “Go My Own Way” or MGTOW.

I discuss my childhood all the way up to present day.

Subjects discussed are my parents, child support, women, finances, and other causes that influenced me.

The 5 Stages of MGTOW

  1. Stage 0 – Situational Awareness
  2. Level 1 – Rejection of Long-Term Relationships
  3. Level 2 – Rejection of Short-Term Relationships
  4. Level 3 – Economic Disengagement
  5. Level 4 – Societal Rejection

Please let me know if you have any questions on MGTOW or my experiences.

More than anything this is for me to stand in my “truth” and to heal from the trauma I have been exposed to during my search for truth and meaning.