The Red Pill – MGTOW

In today’s video I discuss what the “Red Pill” means to me and how it has helped me craft my mission and purpose in life.

I also discuss the need for a higher purpose above chasing money, pussy, and material things.

As Tyler Durden said “Self improvement is masturbation.”

In my opinion self improvement is a means to an end – it is not the end goal but a means to achieve your goal.

I wouldn’t be where I’m at in the world if it weren’t for the Manosphere and the countless Men who have paid the way for me.

Websites like:

But without a higher purpose, for me exposing evil and mind control in a spiritual warfare, self-improvement is just a circle jerk.

What are your thoughts on the “Red Pill” and has it helped you find your higher purpose?


The Red Pill


Fight Club and MGTOW

In this video I discuss the all time great MGTOW movie – Fight Club.

Rule #1 – You don’t talk about Fight Club

Rule #2 – You DON’T talk about Fight Club

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What are your favorite MGTOW quotes in Fight Club?

MGTOW and Fight Club