Energy Vampires – The RedPill on Steroids Podcast Ep. 1

This is the first episode of my new podcast “The RedPill on Steroids”.

I discuss Energy Vampires and psychic vampirism.

Opening up into my past experiences being vamped of my energy by family members, women, and certain jobs whether the people doing it knew it or not.

This is both a way to heal for me and a warning to all redpill Men to watch out for the energy / psychic vampirism that is going on today.


My EDC Knife: Smith & Wesson CKTACBS Tactical Tanto Knife

tanto knife

Smith and Wesson Tactical Serrated Tanto Knife

Every Day Carry

I got into EDC (Every Day Carry) recently by watching videos on YouTube.  Naturally a “gadget guy”, I’ve taken it upon myself to go “less is more” and trying to downsize the physical possessions my life.

For instance, my “wallet” is held together by my back-up hair band for my man-bun:

tanto knife

My EDC “wallet”

Pretty low-tech but very functional.

I’ve been getting into a more tactical mindset these days – which included digging out 1 of 3 of these bad boys from a previous bug-out bag and putting it into my everyday carry.

The stability of this tool is truly “tactical”.

I usually clip it into my jeans pocket when I’m out in public:


Smith & Wesson Tactical Serrated Tanto Knife

The best part about the Tanto Knife is the cost – $9 each.

You could see why I picked up 3!

BACKSTORY:  I went through a major “bug-out” period around 2010.  Went to the local Army Surplus store and bought 2 full backpacks worth of bug-out stuff.

In a future post I will detail the ideal B.O.B.  but for now we will stick to the Tanto Knife.

If interested in purchasing the Smith & Wesso Tactical Serrated Tanto Knife, kindly use the link below which will support this site and future articles:

Amazon link to purchase:



The War On Testosterone


The War On Testosterone


The War On Testosterone is the biggest threat to humanity we see today.

If you’ve rightfully accepted that a small cabal of men and women control the world – then you could easily see why any threat to that hegemony needs to be put down with brute force.

But we live in a world of covert wars, information wars, and wars by proxy.

The threats we face today are biological, environmental, and manipulated through the media via propaganda.

It is a soft war we face.

“The Powers That Be” Hate Testosterone

Hence the reason testosterone is the biggest threat to The Powers That Be (TPTB).

To understand this concept you must first understand testosterone.

Just like every function of the body serves it’s purpose, testosterone is simply what makes a man a Man.

It is the driving force in a Man’s life for growth in his adolescent years – allowing him to grow tall and develop manly features like facial hair and sex organ growth.

Testosterone is the driving force of a man to conquer lands, seduce women, and produce wealth.

We can attribute the survival of the human species to testosterone, for it is what propelled all those cave men to fight with hand and spear for protection and food.

But now in the modern age we do not have to kill our food.  We do not fight any major physical wars nor are we dominated by an ongoing fear of survival.

Instead we are comfortable in a our modern world.  Our biggest decisions are more in line with societal choices more than life or death.

TPTB hate testosterone because it is the only thing standing in between them and total worldwide slavery.


Early Xtube


The fact that we see the most hardcore, unspeakable acts only one or two clicks away on any browser is not so much a sexual evolution of humanity, but more of a high-conceived weapon of mass destruction.

If you think about any armament or weapon, its main goal, that is if its good, is to destroy as many human lives as possible.  They are called “casualties”.

So what is there was a weapon that made it so that in the natural course of evolution and mating, that caused less human beings to be conceived.

Would this not be called a “weapon of mass destruction”.

The same could be said about abortion clinics or the organization Planned Parenthood.

The amount of murder that takes place in these institutions could be likened to that of a war.

If soldiers are never born than the opposing force, in this case the government, wins.

And bringing it back to the subject of testosterone, this is where Daddy Gov also has the advantage.

Suffice to say if you are reading this now you are the exception.

You have the ability to fight back and influence your body to create more testosterone.

And if you decide to do this you will feel the difference.

You will know WHY the power that be don’t want you to be the full version of Man they fear.


“Fuck yes! I have low testosterone”

Feminism and Social Justice Warrior-ism

This is another form of The War On Testosterone.

We are on the 4th wave or generation of feminism.  Men today don’t even know what it looked like back in the 1930 and 1940’s when it comes to relationships with Women.

The best they can do is go to Eastern Europe or South America and hope to find a traditional native in a small village who hasn’t been tainted with this mental delusion that Men and Women are “equal”.

How can they be equal when they are complimentary?

Except today they do not compliment each other.  The sexes are at war with each other thanks to TPTB.

All of this societal change fueled by propaganda is castrating the modern male.  Most if not all fail to see it.

It’s the perfect weapon.

For example, take a look at this tweet that promotes a business expo in Austin:

Now this thing in the picture is supposedly a male, but do you see how this castrated male is used to PROMOTE an event like it’s okay to look like this?  I’m insulted and you should be too.

The Government aka Daddy Gov

So who is to blame for this War On Testosterone?

For the most part is the Government of the United States and other 1st world countries.

Next time you see them co-mingling at the next World Summit Forum just know they are secretly plotting against the human race.

To bring this back home, Daddy Gov has the most to lose if it’s countrymen were to have a renaissance of testosterone.

There would be much clarity and the smokescreen would come unveiled.

As it stands today most men are comfortable (enough) in their slavery that they not dare speak a word for risk of being ostracized.

water-low t

Drinking Birth Control Pills

Food and Water

Not only are our survival instincts going extinct, but we also face a chemical war through the food and water.

The water that we drink here in the United States is polluted with pharmaceuticals like birth control hormones.

These work against Men today not only that they drink it, but that they shower in it everyday.

Imagine during your next shower that you are bathing in estrogen-laced poison.

It’s not just the “BPA” that shrinks your balls, its all of the tap water we bathe in daily.

Our epidermis is the biggest organ we have.  And when we shower under hot water we are absorbing all of the pharmaceutical-laced tap water into our nervous systems.

sports low-t

Watching Other Men Play Children’s Games


Professional sports today serve more as a distraction and false outlet for testosterone than anything else.

And that’s just how TPTB want it.

We can be forming small militia groups in our communities.  Instead we must all band together for “TEAM X” because that’s the patriot thing to do.

Modern men would riot if professional sports were cancelled.

Not so much if their rights and livelihood are “cancelled”.  They don’t even notice.

I’m guilty of letting the elephant in the room – pro sports – take up a good amount of time and energy at certain blue-pill points in my life.

So I am in no way casting stones.

But it must be looked at objectively as to why we think obsessing over Men playing children’s “games” on live high-definition television is such a coercive force in our modern lives.

testesterone st.

This Is The Cross Roads…


This article is by no means an exhaustive list in which we are at War in protecting our testosterone hormones.

But it should serve as a starting point and basis to which more articles about related sub-topics.

If you have other ways in which you’ve seen testosterone lowered please leave them in the comments below.

This is a collective effort to educate and your help is crucial in getting the word out.



Elevation Training Mask 2.0 Review

elevation training mask 2.0

Elevation Training Mask 2.0 Review

The Elevation Training Mask 2.0 Really Kicks My Ass

I had seen Marshawn Lynch wearing this crazy looking training mask some years ago.

When it came time for me when I needed to make a drastic change as my workouts were plateauing and I was having a hard time burning that extra bit of body fat around my waist.

Enter the “bane mask”.

Once I received the mask in the mail I had to go through the book to figure things about.

How the Elevation Training Mask 2.0 Works

The mask comes with multiple plastic “caps” that have one to six cutouts in them.  One allowing the least amount of air to pass through, six allowing the most.

So being the BeastMode Warrior that I am – I set the configuration to the 15,000 ft. altitude (one shy from maximum)

elevation training mask

Multiple Altitude Options for the Elevation Training Mask 2.0

I started here and like with anything else – after three to four workouts my breathing adjusted to the mask during workouts and I would catch myself during my workout remembering that I even had it on!

training mask

Elevation Training Mask 2.0 on elliptical

Helps Give You Intense Focus

I’d say another unexpected benefit of wearing the mask during workouts is it makes you focus more on your breathing.

By doing this you’re also focused on your exercise at hand – especially when I am lifting weights.


Take squats for example – I’m way more conscious of how far I’m doing down on each life, having good form, and matching my reps with the rhythm of my breathing.

cardio elevation training mask

Intense focus with Elevation Training Mask 2.0

Scaring the Shit Out Of Soccer Moms with Stollers

The final test of endurance for me was to take the mask out jogging in 90 degree temps in Austin, TX.

The humidity had been thick and I wanted to see how long I could go running without having to pass out.

There is a great trail in Downtown Austin called Town Lake.  Luckily it was right next to my office.

It was a great run but you realize quickly all the attention from people!  Everyone, drivers, pedestrians, homeless people, the whole gambit.

The downside is you might be running so fast and quietly from the mask that if you sneak up on an soccer mom with a stroller, she might freak the fuck out at a swolled up Joker mask running towards her and her baby – WORD OF CAUTION 🙂

Elevation Training Mask

Kris flexin’ on Town Lake in Austin, TX

 Final Words

I realized right away that you need to use the head strap.  It is the glue that holds this whole thing in place.

Also – you have to put your headphones in before you put the mask on.

The mask helps keep your head phones in place so there is an upside.

I will be reviewing the headphones I use soon but here they are:

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you have any questions on the Elevation Training Mask 2.0 please leave them in the comments below.

To support future reviews please purchase using our affiliate link HERE


A Letter To All Fathers

My Chance To Become A Father

My chance to become a Father also led to the biggest mistake of my life.

Sometimes the biggest mistakes in life come to realization long after they occur.

I had just turned 22 and living in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area.  I had just gotten out of the Air Force and the dot-com was in full effect.  Having just moved to California to live with a beautiful girl I’d met while on temporary duty assignment (re-hab for alcohol and underage drinking).

She’d been my penpal and best friend while I went through my bogus prosecution for drugs and subsequent kangaroo trial that netted me 9 months in military confinement.

I’d written her letters almost every week.  She once visited me at Mirimar Air Force base as I was about 2 months from being out.

When I got out she flew to meet me in San Antonio and stayed with me at my Grandma’s house.  Looking back she gave me everything she had.

California Love

jason jenkins

Good Night San Francisco

When we finally got out to California I was like Tupcac “fresh outta jail California dreamin'” All I wanted to do was go out and explore aka party, do drugs (MDMA) and live the rap video life.

Being the good girl that she was all she wanted to do was settle down and have kids.

Fast forward a few rocky months and she tells me she’s pregnant.

My first instinct was to get rid of it.  I wasn’t ready to be tied down.  I honestly don’t know WTF I was thinking back then.

What ever it was it led me to the biggest mistake in my life – I influenced her to get an abortion.

**Saving grace is that she is now married with one (maybe two) kids

Retrospect and Learning

Looking back it led me to want to write a letter to all fathers to tell them how much of a gift it is to have kids and that despite the relationship with the Mother – the responsibility is to the little human being that looks like you.

Lina Lundstedt

A Letter To All Fathers

Dear Fathers of the World,

Congratulations on becoming a Father.  Whether you know it or not, the burden is heavy upon your shoulders.

In an ideal world you would have a loving, supportive, feminine woman to help you raise that child.

But the reality of today’s world is that ideal situation is becoming more and more rare.

I offer this one piece of advice:

Do your best to be there for the child.  Don’t let your relationship with the Mother, if it’s not ideal, give you an easy way out of your responsibility to ensure that child has the best possible chance for success.

The father is the foundation for any child.  They represent authority, hard work, communication, and leadership to the child.

This is what I ask of you.

You have a great gift.  A gift and opportunity that many covet.  As the decline accelerates it is more important than ever to be present and influential in that child’s life.

My best wishes.


Kris Cantu


Knowing my true purpose in this world I can say it wouldn’t bother me if I didn’t end up having kids.

I’ve accepting this might happen already.

As long as my word gets out and people resonate with it – that is my reward.

I realized long ago that there is such a thing – really the only thing that matters – called Natural Law.

If I have some price to pay in this life or at the gates of the next, I will accept my punishment for ending a beautiful life through that abortion.

The real pain is knowing I could have had the thing I wanted most in the world, but I was too young and reckless to realize it until it was too late.

I’m writing this so that some young man out there stumbles upon this site and whether directly or indirectly does not make the same mistake.

They will be reading this 5 years from now and maybe in the same situation, and maybe this is what tips him the other way.

Life is so beautiful

Agnieszka Gulczyńska
one Father is more than a hundred schoolmasters ...
I understand that a lot of pregnancy situations here in the United States are unwanted.  That most dudes bail and leave the mother to be a single mother.

I also realize it has a lot to do with females lacking agency and being just as reckless.

But if you’re reading this and have the same decision in front of you – please take from my story what you will.

Just know that the lifetime of “what-if’s” will come back to haunt you.

For the fathers that are out there – you have my utmost respect if you are present in that child’s life in a positive way.

I think it is one of the hardest things these days for men to be real fathers, without all of the SJW political correctness we see.

So celebrate life and celebrate your kids.  They are the future of this crazy planet and our best hope for survival of our species.