Real Human Nature – The RedPill On Steroids Podcast Ep. 3

What is the real “nature” of human beings?

Are we inherently good or evil?

In this podcast I will reveal the hidden “nature” of human beings and why we were put on this earth.

I will also discuss how current events are dividing the United States and what we need to do to correct our course.

What are your thoughts on human nature?



Pokemon WTF?

On my daily walk I stop to film 3 zombies walking in broad daylight stopped in the middle of the street.

In 100 degree weather, what on earth are the zombies looking for?

CAUTION: Although this particular level of zombie may APPEAR to be peaceful, all it will take is a grid-down scenario for these brain-dead monsters to become highly violent.



Endgame Vision

My endgame vision for off-world space travel and colonizing other inhabitable planets.

I also discuss energy harvesting centers.

The work-to-live / live-to-work slave grind is not sustainable if we want to go evolve to the next level of human existence.


False Flag Events – The RedPill On Steroids Podcast Ep. 2

False Flag Events – The RedPill On Steroids Podcast Ep. 2

The mass shooting in Orlando and the recent Dallas sniper shootings are both obvious False Flag events but no one (including the traditional “conspiracy theory” outlets like Infowars) are talking about this.

Why not?

I believe they are co-opted and putting out mis- and dis-information to the masses to keep them depressed,

confused, and angry.

Meanwhile the real red-pillers are making preps for the coming race wars and down grid scenarios.

I also talk a bit about the Trump Deception, but this topic itself is so broad that I will save it for a future podcast.

It is sad to see good men and women being duped by the establishment with Trump.

So obvious to me he is a fraud – like Obama for white people.

Rest assured they won’t learn until it’s too late.


Daily Walks – MGTOW

Going on my daily walk.

I see people walking their dogs but they don’t take themselves for walks for themselves.

The greatest thinkers like Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs went for daily walks.

I find it helps clear my mind and is a stress reliever.