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The Jew World Order

In today’s video I discuss my awakening to the real New World Order – which in fact is the J.W.O. or Jew World Order. I put off this conclusion for most of my decade of red pill awakening, but the facts kept building up and the conclusion was obvious. As the culture wars intensify and […]


1 Circumcision is Satanic Ritual Abuse

In today’s video I discuss how I believe the act of circumcision to be a form of Satanic Ritual Abuse. I believe that circumcision is a form of Satanic Ritual Abuse perpetrated on male babies. It is performed on roughly 80% of the males in the United States, compared to only 30% for the rest […]


3 The Lie Economy

“Every great lie is mostly Truth.” -Kris Cantu They say Satan was the great deceiver.  That is why I believe we are living in the Lie Economy run by Satanists. Most are under the false illusion of the “Religion of Money.” Most will lie, cheat, and steal for the almighty dollar (AKA debt paper). I confronted […]