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Women Married The Smartphone

In today’s video I discuss how Women Married The Smartphone and have been consumed by this technology that has taken their souls. As the first iPhone came out it was easy to use and allowed non-technical people to enjoy the fruits of the Internet. Soon dating apps would explode and women would have access to […]


Why Women Ride The Cock Carousel MGTOW

In today’s video I’m going to talk about why women ride the cock carousel from a MGTOW perspective. Women continue to ride the carousel and not get married and not be loyal and submissive to one man and not be a THOT on snap chat and Instagram. Instead of being a stay at home mom […]


The Wall MGTOW

Understanding The Wall and MGTOW is very important in today’s gynocentric and feminist society. In today’s video I discuss the various “walls” that women go through during their lifetime while observing in front of a Whole Foods in Austin, TX. First wall occurs around 25-30 yrs. old, the 2nd around 40 yrs. old and the […]

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