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The Spiritual War – The RedPill on Steroids Podcast Ep. 9

In today’s Podcast I discuss the Spiritual War that we are in.

I give my own personal testimony as I see it and give solutions to help build your “spiritual armor” to fight the Spiritual Warfare we battle everyday.

I also discuss Occult Symbolism and how it is a gateway to extract human energy to feed the demonic beings ruling over us.

What do you think of the Spiritual War and how has it affected your everyday life?

Are you ready to take up arms and become a Spiritual Warrior?

spiritual war

The Spiritual War – The RedPill on Steroids Podcast Ep. 9


Illegal Immigration and MGTOW – The RedPill on Steroids Podcast Ep. 8

In this episode of the RedPill on Steroids Podcast (ep. 8) I examine the topic of Illegal Immigration and specifically my experiences and perspective from Austin, TX.

Having grown up in a pro-Mexican family I have seen the conditioning and social engineering in my own family.

I also discuss how illegal immigration is the #1 problem for the United States and all first world countries including those in Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Finally I give solutions and future predictions of what will happen as Trump tries to enforce immigration laws and “building the wall.”

What is your take on illegal immigration and how has it affected you and your country?

illegal immigration

illegal immigration



My MGTOW Story – The RedPill On Steroids Podcast Ep. 5

In this episode of The RedPill on Steroids Podcast I go deep into my life history that led me to “Go My Own Way” or MGTOW.

I discuss my childhood all the way up to present day.

Subjects discussed are my parents, child support, women, finances, and other causes that influenced me.

The 5 Stages of MGTOW

  1. Stage 0 – Situational Awareness
  2. Level 1 – Rejection of Long-Term Relationships
  3. Level 2 – Rejection of Short-Term Relationships
  4. Level 3 – Economic Disengagement
  5. Level 4 – Societal Rejection

Please let me know if you have any questions on MGTOW or my experiences.

More than anything this is for me to stand in my “truth” and to heal from the trauma I have been exposed to during my search for truth and meaning.



Sexually Transmitted Demons – The RedPill On Steroids Podcast Ep. 4

In this episode of The RedPill On Steroids Podcast I discuss Sexually Transmitted Diseases and how they are in essence Demons that are passed from partner to partner.

In this sex-fueled society we as Men need to be aware of the risks of sluts and whores who pass demon energy through their vaginas.

In the age of instant sex with apps like Tinder now making casual sex as common as taking an Uber, we Men need to be aware of the spiritual aspect of taking these risks.


Real Human Nature – The RedPill On Steroids Podcast Ep. 3

What is the real “nature” of human beings?

Are we inherently good or evil?

In this podcast I will reveal the hidden “nature” of human beings and why we were put on this earth.

I will also discuss how current events are dividing the United States and what we need to do to correct our course.

What are your thoughts on human nature?