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Women Don’t Need Men

In this video I discuss how women (girls) no longer need Men in their lives.

With the introduction of smartphones and the proliferation of pet ownership, women now have all of the faculties to be whole and complete (ya right).

I discuss my experiences trying to find a good woman here in Austin, TX and how having the following:

  • Good 6-figure job
  • Good looking
  • Healthy
  • Funny
  • Smart

…means nothing to today’s self-absorbed women.



Male Suicide and MGTOW

In this video I talk about a subject that has been weighing on my heart heavily and that no one talks about.

Why is male suicide at an all-time high?

Why are so many men taking their own lives?

I share personal stories dealing with suicide in hopes that this video will help those suffering with depression.

You are STRONG!


Please share this video with anyone you know who may be suffering from depression and in need of help.


Daily Walks – MGTOW

Going on my daily walk.

I see people walking their dogs but they don’t take themselves for walks for themselves.

The greatest thinkers like Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs went for daily walks.

I find it helps clear my mind and is a stress reliever.