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Creating Your Vision

In today’s video I give my subscribers a tour of my Colorado property as well as discuss my experience “Creating My Own Vision.”

It’s important for all MGTOW’s to have a vision for what they want (and don’t want) in their lives and actively visualize that vision every single day.

Although you may not see progress daily, weekly or even monthly, you will be surprised how much of your vision comes true without even thinking about it.

This has been the key to my success – having a vision so close to my heart and actively working towards it daily that it would be impossible for it not to happen.

This property in Colorado is a manifestation of a vision I had on New Years Day 2016 of how I wanted to live 6 months in the mountains and 6 months on a beach in Cabo for the Winter.

Now I am one step closer to my Life Vision.

Future videos will go more in-depth into Creating Your Vision and how to achieve anything you visualize in your mind.

What is your vision for your MGTOW lifestyle?


Creating Your Vision


Move To Colorado

Something about Colorado has been calling me for some time.

It all started with a New Years trip to Cabo San Lucas in 2015, which was my first ever real adult “vacation.”

There I was sitting on a beach on El Cerrito Surf Colony smoking a blunt and thinking “There has to be a better way to live.” (than the 9-5 Matrix rat-race)

I thought “What if I could live here for part of the year, and part of the year in a cabin in the mountains in the spring and summer?”

I eventually got back to reality and instinctively began looking at properties in Colorado.

There are a lot of scams on property in CO, especially after the recent green rush recreational legalization of marijuana.

I researched the area and found a reputable business owner selling a few different parcels.

Long story short, I paid off the land and I’m here now for the first time!

Driving down to the property for the first time I was AMAZED at the views!

Being here less than 24 hours I’ve already met some cool people and seen some amazing views!

The sky on 🔥 #mountains #colorado #crestone #views #travel #peace #calm #gratitude #offgrid #sunrise #breakfast #coffee

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If you want to check out my Home Free Lifestyle videos leading up to and including my move to Colorado, check out my “Home Free Lifestyle” playlist here:


The Silent Coup

In today’s video I discuss the Silent Coup that took place on Friday, January 6th 2017 while everyone was distracted by the Ft. Lauderdale False Flag event and the #BLMkidnapping a few days earlier.

This was a MAJOR EVENT that no one is talking about.

The U.S. Elections are now under the Federal Control as the DHS has named the elections and all of it’s facilities as “critical infrastructure.”

This is how dictatorships are formed and what we are seeing in the last few days of the Obama administration is the burning of all the last few remaining freedoms left to the American people.

This was the BIG EVENT that took place under the noses of the American people.

It will be up to the Trump Administration to repeal this, otherwise any would-be dictator could stay in office indefinitely.

What do you think of the Silent Coup and how will it affect future elections?

Original article:

This is a coup: the Homeland Security takeover of US elections

silent coup

The Silent Coup – DHS Federalized US Elections


Home Free Lifestyle

In today’s video I talk about my move to a “home free” lifestyle and some things that I encountered over the weekend while moving away from my “flaming condo” lifestyle.

After 2 full days of moving I am finally set up and I feel more FREE than I ever have.

Your comments, subs, and support are the fuel to my fire. Together we will not be stopped! MGTOW for LIFE!

Please drop your comment and questions below!

home free lifestyle


My Best Friend Killed Himself – RIP Joe4Truth

This video is dedicated to my best friend Joe Strebler aka Joe4Truth

Joe saw something in me that I didn’t even see in myself at the time.

I decided to make this video while I was reading about Dave Mirra – a 41 year old X-games medal winner who committed suicide.

Joe committed suicide in 2011 and since then I have not expressed my sadness for not doing more to be in his life.

He was a beautiful person who spoke for TRUTH in a world of lies.

If you know of anyone who is dealing with depression and/or suicide please send them this video in hopes they will know that they are not alone.

rip joe4truth