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Buying Modafinil Online With Discount

BUY MODAFINIL and MODALERT HERE: CREATE YOUR BITCOIN WALLET HERE: In today’s video I review Modafinil (or ModAlert) as a “Smart Drug” and productivity tool from personal experience. Modafinil is great for creating tremendous focus during your day. I recommend taking a 200 MG dose between 6-8AM in the morning to get a […]


Unscripted by MJ DeMarco Review

In today’s video I review the new book by MJ DeMarco entitled “Unscripted: Life, Libery, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship” available here: This is the long awaited follow-up to “The Millionaire Fastlane” available here: Unscripted speaks of taking the Red Pill and maps out the path to creating your own business systems vs. […]


The Daily Incrementals

In today’s video I discuss a common term when talking about data backup and disaster recovery: daily incrementals. They are the daily “changes” in your core data set. It is important as MGTOW or Men Going THEIR Own Way that we talk about the daily improvements we must make to become Straight-Line MGTOW. We must […]

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