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Social Currency MGTOW

In today’s video I discuss “Social Currency” and how it plays a role in a woman’s attraction to a Man Going His Own Way or MGTOW. We as MGTOW’s are often in isolation working on our crafts and building our empires and are often a miss at the last Super Bowl part or BBQ. The […]


Blue Pill Simps

In today’s video I discuss the concept of “Blue Pill Simps” and how their thirst and spank bank hamstering lead to the out of control women we see in society today. I also speak on strip clubs being the most “blue pill” activity Men can participate in. Please share this video with your Male friends/family […]


Low Testosterone MGTOW

In today’s video I discuss the core problem with most Men – Low Testosterone. I offer my personal low-t story and 3 ways to overcome they symptoms of low-t. Most Men that have Low Testosterone are victims of the Deep Soy State! Project Mayhem homework assignment: Get Your T-levels checked! You can get your t-levels […]

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