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1 How To Prep For SHTF MGTOW

In today’s video I discuss a few basics points to show you How To Prep for SHTF and MGTOW. Get Out of Dodge Plan – what is your escape route to get out of your major city? Water – It is important to have 1 gallon of water per day. Food – a good source […]


Charlottesville False Flag: AltRight vs. Antifa

In today’s video I discuss the Charlottesville false flag event that was staged this past weekend to pit the Alt-Right vs. the Alt-Left “Antifa”. As I see the media reaction unfold, this can only be seen as a premeditated event that is playing off opposite sides of the same made-up team: alt-left vs. alt-right The […]


Women Married The Smartphone

In today’s video I discuss how Women Married The Smartphone and have been consumed by this technology that has taken their souls. As the first iPhone came out it was easy to use and allowed non-technical people to enjoy the fruits of the Internet. Soon dating apps would explode and women would have access to […]

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