Manginas and White Knights

In today’s video I discuss 2 important categories of men in modern society:

Manginas and White Knights

As the awakening from “blue pill” to “red pill” takes place, it is important to call out these men and their behaviors to enlighten the younger generation to their actions.

It is also important as a MGTOW in terms of self-preservation to understand these 2 types of men as they would seek to take away a MGTOW’s freedom.

What are other behaviors of manginas and white knights that you have seen?


Manginas and White Knights


Creating Your Vision

In today’s video I give my subscribers a tour of my Colorado property as well as discuss my experience “Creating My Own Vision.”

It’s important for all MGTOW’s to have a vision for what they want (and don’t want) in their lives and actively visualize that vision every single day.

Although you may not see progress daily, weekly or even monthly, you will be surprised how much of your vision comes true without even thinking about it.

This has been the key to my success – having a vision so close to my heart and actively working towards it daily that it would be impossible for it not to happen.

This property in Colorado is a manifestation of a vision I had on New Years Day 2016 of how I wanted to live 6 months in the mountains and 6 months on a beach in Cabo for the Winter.

Now I am one step closer to my Life Vision.

Future videos will go more in-depth into Creating Your Vision and how to achieve anything you visualize in your mind.

What is your vision for your MGTOW lifestyle?


Creating Your Vision


Move To Colorado

Something about Colorado has been calling me for some time.

It all started with a New Years trip to Cabo San Lucas in 2015, which was my first ever real adult “vacation.”

There I was sitting on a beach on El Cerrito Surf Colony smoking a blunt and thinking “There has to be a better way to live.” (than the 9-5 Matrix rat-race)

I thought “What if I could live here for part of the year, and part of the year in a cabin in the mountains in the spring and summer?”

I eventually got back to reality and instinctively began looking at properties in Colorado.

There are a lot of scams on property in CO, especially after the recent green rush recreational legalization of marijuana.

I researched the area and found a reputable business owner selling a few different parcels.

Long story short, I paid off the land and I’m here now for the first time!

Driving down to the property for the first time I was AMAZED at the views!

Being here less than 24 hours I’ve already met some cool people and seen some amazing views!

The sky on 🔥 #mountains #colorado #crestone #views #travel #peace #calm #gratitude #offgrid #sunrise #breakfast #coffee

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If you want to check out my Home Free Lifestyle videos leading up to and including my move to Colorado, check out my “Home Free Lifestyle” playlist here:


Women’s March

In today’s video I discuss the “women’s” march that took place all across the country and the world yesterday (January 21st 2017) only one day after the historic Trump inauguration.

There were many displays of the mental illness that is gripping this country and other 1st world countries in Europe, Australia, and Canada.

The examples displayed here give a lot of validity to the MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way movement because it is a systematic dismantling of the Masculine / Feminine dynamic that built this great country.

What are Men to do but expose and fight this mental illness suffered by both feminazi women and blue-pill simp mangina dudes.

What did you think of the “women’s” march that took place yesterday?

What are other ways we Men can fight back?

Women’s March – MGTOW


The Lie Economy

“Every great lie is mostly Truth.”

-Kris Cantu

They say Satan was the great deceiver.  That is why I believe we are living in the Lie Economy run by Satanists.

Most are under the false illusion of the “Religion of Money.”

Most will lie, cheat, and steal for the almighty dollar (AKA debt paper).

I confronted one such liar on his Twitter ad appearing in my timeline yesterday.  His response was funny and weak, but also allowed me to further distill “The Lie Economy” that we live in.

The Lie Economy runs the world.  This guy – Taino M. Lopez (his real name according to Intellius) is one of the masters of the lie economy.

His little pithy response was this:

Haha.  LOL.  This guy is definitely not a truth seeker.  Blue Pill simp 100%

But furthermore…

Tai Lopez is a Liar

Upon further research into Tai Lopez revealed COUNTLESS videos about his scams, lies, and satanic/materialistic lifestyle.

He got his “big break” by setting up fake online dating sites promising subscribers they could “date millionaires“, “meet models”, and can’t forget the hypergamous ladies wanting to “date tall men.”

These sites were filled with fake profiles and required a minimal investment of hundreds of dollars.

Laughing all the way to the bank was Tai “Lie” Lopez.

His new lie is an online marketing sales funnel that starts with a $67 Clickbank info-product.

Having spent thousands of dollars on CB products I can say it is a legit business model.  Sell information that helps you improve your life.

The problem I see is that the information provided is mostly basic bitch info.

The promise – which is also on his Twitter profile is this: “Watch 67 Steps That Took Me From Broke To Driving Lambo/Ferrari.”

Haha.  LOL.  Again.

Those blue pill kids out there looking to improve their lot in lives would be quick to jump on this.  He claims he’s got the “knaaaawwledge”.

Researching even more reviews state the information could be found in about 5 books at your local library.  Here is a great review by a consumer of the $67 product here:

So his big “secret” is filming YouTube ads with lambos in the background and that necessitates not only $67, but follow-up monthly payments of $67, and upsells in the thousands.

Tai “Lie” Lopez

Typical Jew Behavior

If fact – I wouldn’t put it past Tai “Lie” Lopez to be Jew-ish.

He runs his business as a Jew would and whether knowing or unknowingly he is a practicing Satanist.

Whatever you can do to take the shekels from the lowly goyim seeking to improve their lives.

It is important to name the Jew (or at least the wannabe Jew) if we are to grow as Men seeking truth.

Us “Red Pill” Men who take our “deep” insight from a Keanu Reeves movie are at the cusp of exposing the fake world we live in.

The Lie Economy and those that seek to profit by dishonesty and destruction rein free – for now.

But soon they will face the wrath of Truth, whether in this life or the next.

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